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Loose Hinge on A Brand New MBA

The hinge on my MacBook Air 11" is really loose. Upon removing it from the box, I found that if the screen was kept open at a 90 degree angle, and then the MacBook Air was tilted back, the screen would just "flop" all the way down. I bought this laptop from the Apple Store in Hong Kong and I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I would just like to know how to fix this myself as here in Dubai the official distributors only service laptops purchased from the UAE itself.

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Hong Kong (852) 2112-0099*



Apple pays for all shipping on warranty work. This is Definitely a warranty issue and is a well known issue at that. It sounds like your local Authorized Service Provider is pulling a fast one. They get paid directly by Apple for warranty service at any Authorized Service Provider in the world. Their refusal is local BS. Try going here: https://selfsolve.apple.com/GetWarranty....

go down to "show complete Country list the first time then go to the UAR (it's listed) and see if you get someone else in the UAR. I guaranty Apple is not aware of your local stores refusal to provide service.

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Sounds like you just received this laptop? It is quite difficult to repair/fix something like this, I don't know your repair experience either. special tools needed etc...... if you have warranty service having purchased in new at an apple store, you will void your warranty attempting to fix it yourself.

You should have phone support included, if you call apple, or the apple store in Hong Kong you should be able to make arrangements to have the laptop shipped UPS insured (UPS is the only one that will insure an item of it's value) both ways.

I can't really say how much that will cost since I don't know the rates there, however i am fairly sure it would make sense once you weigh in your time attempting the repair yourself + getting the tools required and of course voiding the existing warranty in the process.

Lastly, since it sounds like you just received it in the mail? Apple may do part of the shipping for you, esp if you already paid for it to be shipped to you.

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Many thanks for hour replies.

I had purchased the laptop from the Hong Kong Onlie Apple Store and had it shipped to a friend who lives in Hong Kong itself who in turn couriered the laptop to me in Dubai, UAE. The reason I did that was because the MBA was substantially more expensive in Dubai due to the fact that Apple does not have an official presence here. They only have Authorised Distributors and Retailers who upcharge the prices on all laptops and desktops.

Either way, I will still try to take my laptop to the Distributors here and try my luck.

I actually don't have any repair experience, but I can follow instructions really well and apart from the pentalobe screwdriver I have a full set of all other tools.

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If you work on it yourself, you will void the warranty and this is a warranty issue. Sorry.


i agree with mayer, as i mentioned in my answer there is nothing stopping you from shipping the laptop into Hong Kong to the apple store directly if the retailers or whoever is selling apple products in the UAE won't honor a warranty issue, whatever the reason might be. This is certainly more cost effective then spending your time taking the machine apart and putting it back together and of course the bigger issue of completely voiding your warranty on a brand new macbook. Apple should as mayer mentioned pay for shipping if you are not located near a authorized service center that is for whatever reason willing to fix the problem.


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