MacBook Pro A1286 won't switch on or charge

Hey! I would appreciate any assistance I can get with my macbook.

It's an early 2011 A1286 / MC723LL/A

It's had the logic board replaced by apple twice. (Known issue for this model with free repair program in place)

However, last week it decided not to switch on or charge .

No LED showing on the charger, nothing happening with all the reset tricks posted for previous issues.

Fitted replacement battery, nothing.

Bought new charger, nothing.

Also won't switch on or show charger led when battery disconnected. It used to run without battery when I had the first issues with it.

Could it be the logic board again? Never had this issue for logic board failing.

Thanks in advance!!

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Lets check the MagSafe connector on the system does it look clean and not melted? MacBook Pro Unibody 13" and 15" MagSafe DC-In Board


It has been cleaned thoroughly and not melted. Looks in good condition. Happy to upload any images needed for reference. Thank you!


Can you give us some more background. I'm thinking you have liquid damage on the logic board. Did you have a spill or sit the system down on a wet surface.


No water damage and the board looks in great condition. I can't see any corrosion etc since the new logic board installation last year it has only ever been used inside on a desk.

I was having problems with my old charger though. The cable was damaged and I had to rest it in a particular way to get it to charge for a few months until it finally broke all together and I bought a replacement. The computer actually stopped working not long after that.


Ouch! Well, thats still not good ;-{

You've damaged your power services on the logic board. Using a bad cord can do this! What happens is the one of the power lines shorts out with the one wire sense connection which is not designed to handle the current burning out the comparator logic and the MOSFET switch logic.

It's repairable but you'll need to get your system to someone who has the skills, tools and the parts. The other option here is to get a new logic board. Given the other issues this series has I would recommend making a jump to a 2012 logic board which will also work in your system.


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