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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Air 2 stops charging a bit after the lockscreen shows up

So I’ve got this strange issue i’ve not encountered before where the Air 2 will stop charging once it reaches lockscreen.. So let’s get into what’s been done so far.

Initially this thing came in in need of a battery replacement, so we did do that, and it started up just fine.. But then we tried hooking a charger up to it (several different one’s FYI) and realized that it didn’t seem to recognize that the lightning connector was plugged in at all, and assumed then that there must be some damage to the lightning connector.

Nope. As we were setting up to solder the old lightningconnector off and solder in a new one I decided to throw some further diagnostic on it first .. So what i did was:

  1. Turn the device off, and once off i plugged in the lightning connector, hooked up to a charger, and it booted, and i was quite puzzled by this so especially since then, once the ipad was booted up it was showing a green icon, showing as charging..
  2. I then unplugged the charger and plugged it back in, and realized that again it wouldn’t recognize the charger, so i tried a PC, and it did the same thing, not recognizing it.
  3. So i tried turning the device off, and then hold down the homebutton as I plugged in the lightning connected to the pc in order to enter recovery mode, and that worked, so I decided that while at it, I’ll update IOS (10.2.1 running on it) so I updated to 12.1.1 and that worked fine, and during the whole process 3uTools told me that the pad stayed connected to the PC the whole time, except for when it wasn’t supposed to.
  4. So with 12.1.1 installed, and booting i was really hoping this was a software error, but no .. Once the ipad’s booted it’ll stop recognizing the charger if i either pull it and jack it back in again, or if i just wait a few minutes on the lockscreen or logged into the ipad, either which way, and i feel i’ve tried it all now it appears to stop recognizing the lightning after a short while, and for the duration it is plugged in it doesn’t seem to charge either, but then that could also be due to how short a time it does recognize being plugged in.
  5. As a final measure it was decided to plug in the charger, and leave it in, even though the ipad didn’t recognize it, and then turn the ipad off as with most ipad’s it results in the ipad being turned off and charging up while turned off .. With this air 2 however it would turn the unit back on once it was turned off..

I’m lost as to what to do now.. I could try swapping out the battery (again) and then also the lightning port as I haven’t replaced the port yet, but this to Me seems to be some software confusion going on, so I don’t think swapping the port will change much of anything, especially since a physical examination of the port and flex seems to indicate that by all means it should be fine. I also dont have any ipad schematics on hand..

So, collective intelligence of ifixit .. what am I doing next?

Update (01/12/2019)

I forgot to mention i’ve checked the current, and it draws current up until it’s booted and showing lockscreen where amperage drops to 0.. Not sure if this is normal on these.

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For the iPad Air/2, any charging issue should proceed as follows:

  1. Battery - Try a known-good battery. If the replacement battery has proper voltage, then the device should boot unless the issue is elsewhere.
  2. Look for logic board damage near the battery connection and screen connectors. Sometime the damage is self inflicted too during the battery replacement ;>).
  3. Replace the Charge Port. Even if it looks good or tests correctly, this is much easier and faster than the next step.
  4. Troubleshoot the charge circuit. On the iPad Air/2, most of the charging “logic” is built into and around the PMIC (the Tigris equivalent circuitry is built into the PMIC). There is a Tristar IC but your comments would seem to suggest that it is okay. The schematic is available if you search around (sorry, we can’t share those here) so the final step would be to probe the charger buck (Q8804). Replacing a PMIC is very expensive, very challenging and only to be done as a last resource.

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I’ll chime in with my experience with iPad Air and Air 2 power, battery and charging issues.

For an iPad Air 2. If there is dust / lint blocking the connection between the connectors for the battery and the logic board itself, this may cause a symptom of the iPad Air being able to boot but won’t actually charge the battery up while it’s on.

What you’ll see on a USB ammeter is that it’ll draw only 0.49-0.50A while the screen is on but the instant the screen is off it would pull no amps from the charger. I had to clean the connector to fix this problem.

Now with another Air 2, this would turn on but it would say not charging next to battery icon. The current draw from the USB ammeter would only show the amount the iPad is pulling when needed, not the usual 2.00A+ which would mean it is charging up the battery. I replaced the battery for that one and found out that it was due to a bad battery.

Edit: Have you checked the charging port pins under microscope yet? You might see a pushed down or missing pin.

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I love it when you chime in!

I have been seeing a lot of "charging problems" on the Air which were nothing more than a bad battery. I don't see as many Air 2 though...


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