HDMI inputs inoperative on R06U

Both HDMI inputs are unresponsive and evidently inoperative.

What do repair options look like for this 50” Pioneer R06U ?\Thanks

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“The HDMI ports need to be enabled”. hmm


in an effort to enable HDMI: From the remote, selected OPTION /HDMI INPUT,and the reply"Current settings do not allow selection and adjustment"; no bueno. this was with an hdmi cable from my roku into input 3 or 1.



Try connecting a different HDMI source e.g. a dvd player, to prove whether the problem is with the receiver or your Roku?

What is the model number of the Roku?


Hi Jayeff,

I Plugged that Roku Ultra into another TV and it works as advertised.

Apple TV was the same problem several days prior, only worked by going through the RCA cables; such a horrid picture we'd rather not watch TV!

Evidently, these ports have never been utilized since we bought the TV new.



Try the following:

Turn both the receiver and the Roku off and disconnect the power from both. Connect the two using HDMI, reconnect the power and turn both of them back on, enable the proper input if you can and see if you get a picture.

If it suddenly works I'm wondering if you may have a HDCP issue between the 2 devices. Basically a "handshaking" problem when the devices try to "talk" to each other.

A quick check online reveals that the receiver is not HDCP compliant whereas the Roku is.

Mind you if it still doesn't work I could be totally wrong about this ;-)


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