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The Wonderboom is a Bluetooth portable speaker from Ultimate Ears. Released in 2017. Model number: 984-000839.

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Why are none of the buttons working on my wonderboom?

I’ve tried pressing every button on my spreaker and none of them are doing anything, I can’t even turn it off. I tried to reset it five times but it doesn’t seem to fix the problem. It only turns on after a long charge and then immediately after, all the buttons are useless still.

Buttons that don’t work (all of them):

  • UE button
  • Power button
  • Pairing button
  • Volume + button
  • Volume button
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Have you spoken to UE yet? I think you need to get a replacement unit as long as you haven't damaged yours in any way.


I have exactly the same problem! At first it won’t turn on, but after few resets if finally works, connects and plays well, but none of buttons work. To turn it of I need to press Volume up button and pairing button simultaneously.

Any ideas what’s wrong?


That helped me pushing on Bluetooth button and volume Up(+ sign) at the same time and it started the bluetooth pairing!!!


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Perform a “hard reset”. This can be done by pressing the volume up (+), the volume down (-), the Bluetooth button, and the power button simultaneously. Hold for approximately 15 seconds. I recently had this issue and now my speakers are working fine. Hope this helps!

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I can’t factory reset my wonderboom because if i press the bluetooth and “-“ volume button it turns of the speaker


I have the same problem as my pal here, Jordan. When I try to perform the “hard reset” you are talking about, the device turns off, because when I press Bluetooth button and “-“ volume button at the same time it shuts off...

What can I do? I’ve been like this for days. Thanks in advance anyways.


Thanks Cristopher, it worked for mine!!

Your tip made 2 kids happy they can listen their music again ;)


Thank you for saving my speaker!!!


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Odd that the same thing is happening to me a week after your post despite the speaker working beautifully for just over a year - got it as a gift last Christmas. I was using it just fine last night and put it on charge before going to bed. I woke up, looked over at it seeing the power button an odd shade… almost orangey/pink. As if the red and white were on at the same time. The Bluetooth pairing light is constantly on, too. I can’t search the speaker in my Bluetooth devices, and none of the buttons respond. + and BT doesn’t turn off. - and Power doesn’t reset. Holding all doesn’t hard reset.

I’m unable to do any combination of buttons to reset, turn off or hard reset as suggested here in the comments or other related posts.

I’ll let it charge all day while I step out and will let you know when I try everything again later tonight.

Update (01/12/2020)

I previously posted here with a completely unresponsive Wonderboom.

I’ve since managed to fix the issue by letting it naturally completely drain itself and turn off that way. Once it was dead, I let it charge up for a few minutes, and turned it on. Once I heard the familiar sound, I hard reset the speaker to factory settings by holding down all the buttons (except for play/pause) for as long as it was needed and it’s been working just fine since then.

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Hi, I'm facing the same issue you mentioned. Accidentally charged it during the whole night. Reset and hard reset didn't worked. I tried pressing different key combination. But it's been 3 days the lights are still ON. How much time it take to completely drain and turn off for you ??

UPDATE : Completely drained the battery. Now, it's charging and it's working fine.


hello, how long did it take to drain the battery. I’ve had the same problem and it’s been days that the lights have been on.


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Just buy another one .. and then just link them together w the UE app ..

( When adding additional speakers, you don't need to touch them at all, and in fact it has to be off .. gook luck ?????✌️

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