MacBook Pro a1226 cooling issues and solutions

I am using a macbook pro a1226, 2.2Ghz, 4GB of RAM. The motherboard was just replaced under recall......I also upgraded the hard drive to a western digital scorpio black 320GB.

Just using video chat and running firefox...... SMC fan control shows 130 F or more under normal settings........ until i push the fans all the way up which brings the temp down quite a bit but makes for quite a bit of noise as well.

before using SMC fan control the laptop was almost to hot to touch on the bottom.

SO, is there something i am missing? Does this laptop just run this hot? (is it normal and won't hurt it).

if not normal i could bring it in to have it checked but don't want to waste my time or the apple peoples time. I propped something under the back to lift it up a bit off the wood desk.

I checked existing questions and didn't see anything exactly like my question.

any insight would be appreciated, i have fixed and used these things before, however this is the fist time i decided to use one as a personal laptop for me to use for awhile, so was not aware of the heat.

which bothers me since special programs, and noise and maybe a usb cooling pad doesn't seem very portable to me and a laptop too hot to put on my lap is just not good.

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video chat seems to push the temp up quite a bit if that helps any.


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Even pros can forget to use thermal paste. If they had the logic board out and failed to clean the vents and replace the paste this could happen. Take it back in. Even techs have bad days.

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I agree you are on target, but that is not saying much for Apple care - Any pro that forgets thermal paste needs to go to the glue factory. That is kind of like forgetting a child at the store. There is no excuse for it.


I did it once but I never forgot one of my kids. Phones ring, customers come in, nature calls, the sun goes down. Interruptions occur and you might forget where you're at. The problem was not testing before it went out the door.


I have not had the time to take it in, so i can not comment yet on what the problem turned out to be, I will post a comment soon on the outcome, thank you for the help.


Please un-accept my answer till you get an answer, Thanks


Since it was not overheating before Apple changed the logic board I would hand it back to them. The 320 Scorpio Black is my standard replacement drive and I've never had any problems with it. Consider replacing the original drive before sending it in to avoid any petty BS. They don't need to know that you opened it.


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There is a firmware patch and smc patch out for the a1226. I believe the SMC patch says it helps control heat via changing the fans response to thermal scaling.

SMC Patch:

EFI Patch:

Before installing ether of these please verify that your model actually matches up properly. Follow the instructions at the top of the page linked below.


Other options that are more extreme seem to be creating bette are flow for the fans. There was an individual with your company who drilled 60 holes into *albeit a macbook pro unibody model* and found quite an improvement in heat dissipation.

My answer to all the heat issues.... I just use ubuntu.

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