Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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How to fix iPhone 3G Digitizer? (Touch is not responding)


I have iPhone 3G, and the bottom of the screen is not responding for touch (I can't "slide to unlock").

Tried to do a clean restore for different firmwares - but nothing helped.

The Question are:

1. What is responsible for this problem?

2. If it is the Digitizer, so can you add a digitizer image/photo so I will see what is it?

Googling Digitizer gives images of LCD screen.

3. Fixing the digitizer - If I want to open the iPhone, What are the risks on the way to the digitizer?

Can I damage anything "on the way"? Is there any chance that after Reassemble the device I will have more problems?

4. It's the first time I open this iPhone - I will need probably Glue for the frame, for the Antena, GPS, Wifi - Right?

5. Do you have more suggestions for things I need before I start?



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thanks I already followed.

The thing is that I have some "open issues" - things which are not fully clear for me, and it blocks me from restart the repair :/

Thanks again,



shai, all you are doing is lifting the glass and lcd, not the metal frame at all.. you don't need to worry about antenna/gps/wifi. because you are not taking out the frame you don't need glue.. in the guide you will see that the digitiser sits in a black plastic frame and it is here that you use the double sided tape to stick the digitiser to the frame.. no glue. the digitiser is on the back of a glass panel (it comes as a unit) the lcd is separate, and screwed in to the black plastic frame to form the back of the display unit. think of it as taking the lid off a container, that's all you are doing. the only "tricks" are the 3 connectors you need to open to remove the display that I've already mentioned.


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1. it's most likely the digitiser.

2. it has cable no.2 attached. it looks like this

3. you need to read the guide for removing the digitiser if you rush it or try to do it as you read you are more likely to make a mess. I replaced a digitiser as my first repair... no problems. Connector 3 is a flip lock , not a snap on lock like connectors 1 & 2, shouldn't need glue if you buy the digitiser already on the midframe, if you choose to buy only the digitiser without home button/earpiece then you will need doublesided adhesive. (some are pre cut and included in cost of the listings)

5. read the guide, read it again, take it slow. You'll be fine!

iPhone 3G Front Panel Assembly Image


iPhone 3G Front Panel Assembly


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1. Thanks :)

2. So the Digitiser it's actually the plastic that covers the lcd?

How many layers there are around the LCD area?

Lcd first, Digitiser second and Plastic cover the last?

3. Is the "Front Panel Assembly" is the Digitiser? Digitiser=Front Panel Assembly?

Connector 3 should be harder to work with than connectors 1 and 2?

4. Glue - I asked about the glue because of the first iPhone frame.

This is what I meant more or less:

iPhone 3G Front Bezel

I mean that, after opening the device, fixing and than reassemble it, will it look like a new? Or I need some other tstuff like Glue and so on?

On the way of taking things apart, in order to fix the Digitiser , is there any sensitive part/place that I should be most careful about?

Some Ribbon? Or Antena? Os some small electronic chips that after one touch it could broke?

Thank you very much!


Ok...shai I've answered these questions already I think... Read the guide it should all be pretty clear, go slow and stop panicking, you'll be fine! You don't need a bezel!!! Please familiarize yourself with the job by reading the link in my first answer...


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Hi dear,

I've just changed the new front panel, but it seems not going or responding as fast as I first use it. Is it because something or my digitiser? Thanks.

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hey my iphone touch screen its not working at all and when i restore it it tells me to slide to set up but its not sliding and when i want to pwer off its not working to the lock screen and home screen are the only things which works help please

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