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shows 'very low battery', and then loops on startup screen

my mac won't read my ipod when it is plugged in. when i plug it into my computer, my ipod shows up with very low battery, and then after that shows the apple start up screen, sounds like it is working (makes a whirring noise). but then kills itself, and starts up with the apple screen again. this loops until i unplug it from my computer, or wall charger.

i was having no problems with my playing songs or anything before this happened. the only thing i noticed a few months ago was that my battery life wasn't lasting so long when i was using it.

im just wondering if it is just a battery issue, or if there is anything else i should replace too (i was looking at other questions similar to this issue too)

any help is greatly appreciated!

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just wondering if you got it fixed....


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f1aminko, at this point I would definitely start with a new battery. They are relative inexpensive and a straight forward switch. Make sure that your connector is seated properly. Also, just as a word of advise, when you open the clip that secures the battery cable to the connector, use a small paperclip that you bend into an L-shape. Put the small leg of the L under the clip and lift straight up. I do not recommend using the ipod opening tool. I found that the tool will cause you to exert force on an angle and has the tendency to breaking the connector of. Make sure that after you change the battery, you clean the dock concector of corrosion and debris and check it for bend pins etc. I am sure that the new battery will fix your iPod. If you continue to experience any errors after that, at least you know that your battery is new and have a great starting point. Good Luck

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so replaced the battery, screen came up - use itunes to restore ipod. restored it, and it was going through the motions when it stopped and said "the ipod could not be restored. an unknown error occurred (1416)". linked to page on apple website, with options on how to restore computer; restore in disk mode. few minutes later (after restarting computer with ipod in disk mode) itunes tells me to my ipod is corrupted and will need to be restored. press restore again, starts going through the motions of restoring again... again with erro4 1416... i think it will loop like this for a while..... any ideas now??


oh yeah thankyou oldturkey too! forgot to say thanks. i have no idea what the heck is going on with this thing grrr.


1416 is very similar to 1418 check on this link and see what Apple says. Give it a try. You could also download the iPod Updater and use the "Restore Factory Settings" option first. After that, update the firmware as required. Great iPod firmware is available right here. Good Luck


the ipod updater software you recommended is for pc and i am running on mac... (?) i have tried everything that apple said to try on that link - and still no luck :(

put it into disk mode and to try and restore that way, disk utility is telling me that there is no 'first aid' i can perform on it.

after about 2 minutes of the ipod being connected itunes recognises it and says "itunes has detected an ipod that has been corrupted. you may need to restore this ipod before it can be used with itunes. you may also try disconnecting and reconnecting the ipod". have tried everything recommended by apple, and itunes at this stage.


Sorry about that. I guess I am just to used to a PC. Honestly, not sure how to do it. I still would think that a firmware change might be a good test. Does your Mac show the iPod as a drive at all? Any chance to format the drive? Do you have access to a Zif-to-USB connector. If you do check your HDD as a separate unit. It does sound like it has some issues like bad clusters and such. For as long as it is connected to the logic board of your ipod it will continue to be recognized as such and may be difficult to troubleshoot the drive. You can also try this and see if it does different than iTunes iPod updater for Mac


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