Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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iPhone 3G No sound after I have replaced the back,

Right here goes.....

I have looked everywhere for this answer but cannot come up with anything,

I took my 8 GB iPhone apart to change the digitizer and back housing,

Everything went perfect all screws in the correct place everything,

I only have 2 minor problems,

1. I have a little metal clip leftover, it's smaller than the one for the camera.

2. When I assembled my iPhone all worked fine apart from the sound, I can use the earpiece fine to ring people the mic works, vibrate and when I have headphones in the sound works, it charges, But will not show any life with sound,

I am wondering if someone could tell me 1, where the little clip goes(this could fix the problem) or 2, tell me how to sort this out, if I have to buy a new speaker assembly that's ok but I just want to know why it wont work!

Thanks for reading

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Yes I have the camera bit, that's all clipped in ok. About this mute button clip, where does that actually go? Because the button itself works which I can go from mute to loud, all connectors are in properly, do you know of any pictures of this part of the assembly?


Just being curious but were there 2 small pads on your volume bar? I'm going to find a flex to take a photo..


Two small pads? If there were they were attached to the bar and didn't cone off so I just put the whole thing back in


I can't get my photo to upload... I think if you are missing this small piece which fits under the volume up end of that flex retainer, and also has a hole to keep to bottom of rear case, you may have the volume permanently on up. Does that make sense? You need to take the volume flex off, put the piece in and reassemble. The other alternative would be to remove or loosen the screw just at vol up end and see if that helps. Meanwhile I'll try to upload the photo of the piece I mean....


Ok I will try, and would really appreciate a picture if you could, as I now have no reference as to where it actually goes,


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have you got the camera clip?it's an L shaped piece that's flat. the piece might be a little clip that sits near the mute/volume up button..hence the volume problem. you may not have reassembled the flex properly and have the phone jammed in mute mode.. the plastic toggle on the vibrate is a bit of a PITA.. put the mute switch in the mute on position, place the tiny switch to down and then put into the little slot.

just check inside the headphone jack for dust etc that may be tricking the phone to think it's in headphone mode all the time. if that's fine then it may be the speaker on the dock. try a hard reset to see if that resets the phone to accept the speakers..home and power for 10 seconds and then allow to reboot when the apple appears.also just check you haven't got it on mute ..


ok, image finally uploaded but not the best. the volume button has the 2 circles of ?plastic that sit on the volume flex (check they're both on) the "missing" piece I'm referring to is just to the right of the volume portion of the flex... it is a right angled piece with 2 large holes for screws and probably a small one which is where yours has come loose from the mute portion of the flex. I think quite probably you can get away with not installing this piece..just loosen that last screw and see what happens. == Update ==

Ok.. No idea what the piece does because have no idea what it looks like. The sound issue is only to do with loudspeaker then you need a new dock. My apologies for going all about the houses but somewhere Along the line I thought it was mute problem.. The piece may be off the dock connector or any part of the bezel. Post a picture

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How do u add a picture off my iPhone. I have just changed back cases again due to the previous one being bad fitting and still cannot find a bloody place for this one clip! I tried to put it in but the screen wouldn't close, I will try my hardest to get a pic up but I don't know how :(


Click on the photo icon when you answer or comment.... On the bottom left corner of your screen will be a blue rectangle "images" (I mean right at the bottom of the entire page which is why I went crackers the other day!) click that and the rest is self explanatory. Is the fit on your rear case bad around the bezel ? Or the openings for buttons etc?


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