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Repair and device guides for the 2016 Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone, model SM-J510FN.

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Phone won't turn on after salt water damage

First of all i wanna say my english are not the best.

So, around 1 week ago i was at the beach with my phone in my pocket. I forgot i had it in my pocket and i swum with it there. After 5 minutes i remembered that and i got it out as fast as i could. i cleaned the water quick, putted out the battery and the sim card and i cleaned the interior as good as possible. I was at vacation so i had only a few options + i had 0 knowledge about what to do in a case like that. So i thought the best i could do is to let the sun dry it. ofc i didn’t let sun overheat my phone. I was putting my phone in the sun every like 10 minutes and i was doing it for like an hour. It was the last day of my vacation so i went home the same day. I didn’t try to turn it on, i putted it in rice. After 24 hours, i wanted to test if the phone works. I putted the battery in and tried to turn it on but nothing happened. Then i plugged my phone to the charger and it automatically turned on with 1% battery, it seemed like it was charging nice, i could see my lock screen and everything looked nice. The problem is none of volume buttons, power button, home button and touch screen were working. I did a small research and i found that the phone automatically turns on when the battery is at 0%. Then i putted out the battery and then in again. The phone turned on automatically again but the battery was at 89%(the % my phone was the day at the beach), but still none of buttons and touch screen were working.Then i putted the phone in the rice for 2 more days. Tried it out but now it doesnt turns on at all, i think because now the battery is not at 0%, so i think that means the buttons still not working so i cant turn it on using the power button. I left it there for 2 more days and tried again. Still nothing. I holded the power button toughly for like 1 minute becausee i saw online it clears the cache and the ram, i had nothing to loose so i tried that, and the phone started vibrating around every 5 seconds only when it was plugged to the charger. Then i kept pushing the button toughly, sometimes for like 5 seconds, sometimes for 15, random amounts of seconds. After sometime i plugged the phone to the charger and i heard the sound the phone does when its getting charged, and i think that happens when its turned on but i am not sure. That made me happy because i thought that the power button may worked and it gave me some hope that phone may survive. The problem is the screen was black, and btw the screen was black the whole time, i couldn’t see any charging images or something. My questions are: Have you seen something like that before? What do you think i should do, i am thinking about letting it in rice more days. Do you think my phone will survive? Will i lose my data? Thanks for reading and trying to help me, i really apreciate that.

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Unfortunately, salt water is conductive, and as such, may short components on your phone.

Not only that, it also causes corrosion so it may have caused your buttons to stop registering any presses and also cause the screen to not turn on.

You can give it a shot by cleaning the whole internals with 90% Alcohol, but I wouldn’t guarantee the phone works as it should because of the salt water submersion.

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