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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Making custom THIN, SSD, 20k song capacity Gen 5.5 iPod?


I’d like a Gen 5.5 (enhanced) iPod Classic/Video.  I have a 6th gen, and know it sounds bad compared to my original 4th gen. That said, the 6th gen is a bit thinner than the thick 5th gen versions. Sadly, you have to get the thick version to get a higher song capacity (20k instead of the 7.5k you can have on the thin 30gb version).

So, can I get a thick 80gb 5th gen enhanced, change the HDD for the SSD adapter, get a thin back plate and battery, and be good to go?

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@lingenfr I ended up %#*@ near destroying my gen 6 getting it apart. After that, I found a custom ipod assembler on ebay. He made the ipod to my wants and replaced everything I manged and replaced the wear parts on my gen 6.

The custom ipod ended up being a gen 5.5 unit with the popular SSD unit. Using that SSD unit in place of the HDD actually left enough extra room for the '80 hour' battery mod. It lasts a LONG time, and just requires a cheap larger battery and removing some material off the frame, or as I understand it. Again, keep in mind it still was able to be the thin back cover.

IIRC, thin are shaped for the bevel on the thin back case/cover/housing/plate. Research and/or talking to the ipod assembler, it WOULD work, but he didn't want to put in an improper one. This was before I ended up with a whole new ipod built.

Any comms assistance was always appreciated. They weren't simple, at least not some of the truck systems.


Unless I missed something, the answer didn't really provide an answer. Trying to avoid the trial and error of "make sure it is deep enough".

I want to do the same thing, was the thin back deep enough to accommodate the iFlash/SSD or not?

Not a Cav Scout, but I've provided communications for many.

Also, did you have to change out the headphone jack/hold switch? If so, what did you use? Thanks.



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Just to make sure, you can’t use any case parts from the 6th to the 5th gen etc. You will need a 5th gen backplate to fit your 5th gen. You can use the thin backplate but have to make sure that it is deep enogh to place the SSD etc. into the iPod. Also, make sure that you watch the battery. The 30GB is thinner than the 80GB and if the case is to shallow, the bigger battery will break the LCD.

Where is your duty station?

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Hey, thanks for the reply! So you do think (as you said, as long as I stick with all 5th gen parts) that everything should be compatible? For the 5th gen, the 30gb is a bit is thin, the 80gb is thick. And I just realized something... I'd need to replace the headphone port too, right? That's kind of a pain...

Duty station... HOME! For good. I've been happily separated for 5 years already. Haha. But pathetically enough I've kept my old username going...


Yes, if you stick with all of the parts from the 5th gen you will be okay. You can keep the larger headphone flex if you go from 80-30 but not the opposite. It's really not a big job to change it.

@cavscout glad you are home, son-in-law currently cavscout(ing);-). Did not mean to pry etc.:-)


Haha, no problem at all. Wish him luck for me. Maybe buy him a cross saber (sabre) window decal. You know, for our usual 19D cross-saber-rattling. ;)

Thanks for the tip on the headphone jack compatibility! It seems to take about the same amount of work for each different thing you replace. A very uniform and modular design in that way. Thinking I'll give it a go after all.

Thanks again!


Yes, do it and let us know how it turned out!


Just watched a video for replacing the jack... ya, I feel silly. I was thinking I would have to remove the logic board/mobo from the front plate for it. Ya, it's on the back plate. Super easy.

Again, thanks again!


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Is this what you are thinking? Tarkan iFlash-Solo SDXC Adapter for the iPod. I have the dual unit: Tarkan iFlash-Dual in mine.

Here’s the IFIXIT guide you’ll need to follow to open the iPod up: iPod 5th Generation (Video) Hard Drive Replacement

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Yes, that is likely the exact adapter I'm looking to get. I already have 6k songs in my iTunes though, so the 30gb with the 32mb ram MoBo and 7.5k song cap isn't a good fit for me. I just don't want to have to get the thicker version if I'm going to put solid state memory in it anyway. Unless it would let me fit a second battery in there or something.... which is a great idea.


Sorry no room for a second battery nor any way to connect it in. This is an easy upgrade no alterations needed to the case, where a larger HDD would need the thicker back plate for the deeper drive.


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