Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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iPhone - Water dmg - Need help

Hi Guys

Not important:

I've got a lil problem here.

My iPhone got wet few weeks ago

and I couldn't recharge or connect with my

computer anymore.

That's why I shut it down and brought it

to Apple. Of course didn't they repair it but I could've try it.

I got it back now and just opened it.

To be honest:

I have no idea how to repair it.

I read / saw some videos where you wash it with water and put it into alcohol.

The user didn't reply to my questions so that's why I ask for your help.

Main Part:

Well I just opened it and made some

pictures. I don't know which part

doesn't work anymore.

I just saw that some of the black things..

got "colored". It's not full black, I hope

you understand what I mean.

and the silver square on the top left has a grey/black colored part.

What should I do now? (Sorry for my bad english)

Thank you :)

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THank you for your answer ^^

Does that mean that I just have to wash it

with water and then put it into alcohol?

^^Sorry for asking it,

but just wanted to be sure.


No water. all you have to do is get some high percent isopropyl alcohol, I usually get it from my local pharmacist over 90% and clean the board. Water has to many contaminants and those can be harmful, unless it is sterile water. Again a pharmacist can help you with that. Once you clean it WELL let it dry and follow the guides.....good luck


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The photos do not show any visual damage to your iPhone. The internal water sensors do not show water exposure. With water exposure it is common for the battery to short out. The first step in fixing this iPhone is to replace the battery. That may be all it needs. Do that first. Good luck. Brad

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I agree with what brad says about the board... And the battery. Often water sits in the rear if the phone because it is laid on its back.. Damage to battery contacts won't be visible until you remove the battery. If it looks ok andyou test it, it may well be the dock connector is at fault as you say it won't sync.


It didn't went well ^^

Not like I hoped it to be. The phone didn't want to charge. It didn't even want to do anything. That's why I took it apart again. I made some new pictures of the logical board and the battery. It looks okay in my eyes but I don't know how it should be.

Sorry but the pictures are a lil bit dark


- You only know what this person has told you. You know nothing else. You aren't certain of anything, even if what they told you is the whole story. Please read what he wrote. "that some of the black things got "colored". It's not full black, I hope

you understand what I mean." He is describing residue from the water being on the chips. The residue from water is from the mineral content in the water, witch in essence is salts. Salts are corrosive and conduct electricity. You don't know if he wiped the residue off with a paper towel thinking they may be harmful to the board and chips. Just because water didn't trip the liquid indicators doesn't mean things are ok. His pictures don't show any discolored chips (as he described), what is under the chips nor what is inside the charging dock. If the pins in the charging dock are shorted with residue wouldn't it give the symptoms he is describing? You always remove power sources from water damaged electronics until you are certain the situation has been dealt with.


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Kage you can try this [Electronics Water Damage] and here is the link to dis-assemble your phone. Good Luck to you and your english is perfect :-)

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After the board is cleaned and dried then replace the battery. Liquid usually kills the battery or at least shortens it's life span.


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NO!!! DO NOT put your phone or logic board into water and alcohol! It will only make your situation worse. Trust me, electronics, although may get down sometimes and may seem like they need a drink here and there, do not mix with water and alcohol well. It will probably give them a permanent "hangover". Anyway, I would do like Brad said and replace the battery. It looks like you took it apart well and a battery should only cost you at most $10. If that fails to solve your issue, I would recommend replacing the charging dock connector. That will be $20 at most. But your logic board looks great and not even any corrosion or signs of water damage. I would say this is very fixable.

PS, if you insist on cleaning it with rubbing alcohol, use a Q-tip and dip it into the alcohol and clean the connectors on the board. Let it dry before you connect it to any power source or turn it on. It should be disconnected from any power source before you clean it.

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Thank you for your answer, but lucky...I didn't. I just put it about 6h into the alcohol and dry it for 2h. It didn't work.

You can see the new pictures of the iPhone on my comment to Brad.

Yeah I just saw some batteries. Gonna order one.

Hope it works after that.


Chris, give a bit more information about your alcohol idea and the logic boards.Especially interested in the statement you made "electronics, although may get down sometimes and may seem like they need a drink here and there, do not mix with water and alcohol well" How do you clean your logic boards after immersion in liquid?


He doesn't clean the logic board after exposure to liquid oldturkey03. He throws parts and money at it. Sounds like he may be a government official. Isn't that how they solve problems that may be solved easily with out neither?


It does look that way but I do want to give anyone the benefit of a doubt.I double checked the guide for the water damage and I did say about replacing the battery. The problem that many of the devices develop after any submersion is improperly cleaned logic boards with subsequent shortening of the components. We'll see I guess.


chris..from experience you can clean with evaporates unlike water! also..while we're nitpicking..a q-tip has cotton fibres that get caught on just about everything. Try an eyemakeup brush..if it's soft enough to not take your eyes off it's soft enough for this job and it gets in and under parts a qtip will never reach.


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