ZTE cell phone / Citrine Android 5.1 .1 Z717VL screen replacement

I took my phone apart to try to get the memory card out to try and recover my audio files, only to find that it has no removable memory card in it, and during the process i ended up cutting the flex cable that is on the side of the phone that i guess allows the screen to be seen because after i put the phone back together it came on but the screen went black. so i did it! (my phone is a ZTE Z717VL ) android powered 5.1. I then took the phone apart trying to do a screen replacement and i figured everything out on how to take the board out and everything else on the phone but, there is one more flex cable that is located at the top of the phone that is connected to the screen and it is connected a different way that does not snap on and off and i cant seem to be able to figure out how to disconnect the top flex cable from the screen its right by the ear piece at the top of the phone. So please if someone can help me give be some instructions on how to take off that top flex cable so i can replace my screen Thanks to anyone in advance who can help or is willing to help.


Update (07/22/2018)

A screen replacement is what I'm trying to do. There's two ribbon or flex cables connected to the screen that connects to the board of the phone one cable is located on the side of the phone where the charger port is and the other cable is located at the top of the phone where the ear piece is, I cut the side ribbon cable when trying to take off the back by accident and this is the reason my screen is no longer working, and went black I don't think the ribbon cable that was cut can be repaired so I figured I needed to replace the screen cause it appears that the ribbon cables are permanently attached to the screen so I figured I had to replace the screen but the problem is the top ribbon cable do not appear to be able to unsnap from the phone board as the side ribbon cable can, theres a snap that just unsnaps and detach from the phone but the top cable does not appear to be able to do that and it doesn't look like it comes off so I m trying to find out if that comes off or is there another way of replacing the screen without taking it off, I do not know, I need instructions that's why I'm on here can you give me any step by step instructions how to replace this screen for this phone.

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You’re not supposed to take it off. If you need a fix on this website you can find how to do a screen replacement.


I have a citrine zte android phone and the screen is cracked how do I get it fixed


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