Wet LCD touchscreen came back from the dead and died again, fix?

Hi people, Im hoping someone has seen this behavior before and can help me find a proper answer.

This is my Moto g4 tale.

I dropped my phone in the toilet for 2-4 seconds. I panicked, first I used a towel, tried to turn it off but power and volume buttons were unresponsive also speaker and mic did not worked properly, so I used hairdryer treatment and everything worked again, I got overconfident and kept using it till the touch went crazy (12 hours after water damage), I reboot it, updated (panick again) and then green lines started to appear, and some white squares, till everything went white squared, still, if there was some image movement in background the white squares and lines moved.

Next day I brought it to a tech store and they applied a chemich wash, installed a new screen (which worked proerly) but the phone didn't charged, it would be stuck at 4% and then go down, so I was much sad, as there was a new power issue (believed to be the IC regulator)

I took it home and as a defeated but hopefull man, charged it again to see if maybe it could hold some power but it got really really really hot on the speaker place, so I plugged it out and connected to the laptop, then took screenshot and magically the touchscreen revived full color and touch responsive (a fixed bug notification appeared), also it started to hold on the charge, I was lividly happy, but... it died after getting really really really hot again, but this time instead of white squares and lines, it has grey screen and white lines.

I fear that if the problem is the IC regulator I'll need a new board as it will keep on crashing.

So my question is, can it be fixed? This beam of hope is real? shall I try to fix it or go for a new phone?

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