sound and video does not work


HI, I have a problem with my PS3.

After few times I use PS3 video and sound crash. Could it be the blue-ray disc reader?

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A little more description would be helpful as to what happens when the PS3 crashes. I can only assume from the description that the video and audio stop and you see or hear nothing when you press the power button. If this happens note the color of the lights on the front of the PS3 this problem is usually associated with the Yellow Light of Death. You will at least want to try power cycling the system before you attempt to take it apart or send it in to PlayStation Repairs. To do this simply unplug it for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then plug it back in. You can also do a soft reset on the video by holding the power button for 3-5 seconds as it is turning on like it states in the owner's manual.

Thank you but I think that it is not YLOD because PS3 works properly. I can play with some games in HD but the problem occour when I use game in blu ray disc driver


When you say that you can play some games from the HD, I can only assume you mean to tell me that you have installed some games to the Hard Drive to play them there. If you can do this, you definitely do not have the YLOD problem. Instead if none of the media works in the blu-ray drive then most likely it is the laser. You can purchase and replace the laser on your own with this repair guide. You do not want to replace the drive itself since the daughter-board on the drive is married to the motherboard and if separated you will no longer be able to play PlayStation games.


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