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Released September 16, 2016. Model 1660, 1778 Available as GSM or CDMA / 32, 128 or 256 GB / Rose gold, gold, silver, black, and jet black.

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Strange iPhone 7 home button issue

Hi everyone,

Hope I can get some help.

Family member has iPhone 7 with cracked screen.

Got all the parts I need. I bought an OEM blank screen and would move all components over including the home button. Start to remove the iPhone 7 screen. As we know these are sealed up well.

Used a hairdryer to heat up the glue to help speed up the process and used a pry too to get under the screen and got it open after a while.

I was very very careful and am 99% I did not touch and flex cables or components with the pry tool.

The screen powered on while the iPhone was half apart as I clicked the power button accidently. Strangely it would not load up to the passcode screen and stayed on the apple screen for a very long time. Then it came on and said touch it not available. Also the home button does not work not either. It's completely dead.

Touch id and home button functionality totally gone.

I did a forced shutdown and restart but still the same issue but again it took like 5 minutes to turn back on. Never done this before.

Please note at this point I have not changed the screen or removed anything from the phone. Merely opened it up. I have not removed or unplugged any cables.

So the screen is original as is every part on the phone.

I've put it back together for now and have not changed anything but cannot understand why the button has stopped working.

1) Could I have used too much heat on the lower edge of the phone where the home button is and damaged it somehow? Again I was careful and was very vary of over heating.

2) I'm very certain I did not touch any flex cables with the pry tool. I inspected for damage (I haven't taken it all apart yet but will inspect even closer once apart) with a torch and good lighting and cannot see anywhere I've touched or damaged anything.

3) Is this just a bad coincidence? Should i go ahead and change to new screen and see what happens?

Appreciate the help and apologies for long post.


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2 Answers

Chosen Solution

The issue was a small tear in the home button cable that comes from the screen assembly into the motherboard. The tear was right next to the connector which goes on the motherboard and has a metal plate over it. Very very small tear and I think it could only have happened when the screen was being removed the first time as there is a lot of adhesive and requires a bit more firm handling. Still not sure how it could of torn there.

As the new screen that was to go on, had all the cables on it already, I moved over any components from existing screen- front facing camera, earphone speaker etc, the metal plate for LCD and everything works fine now.

Home button was moved over and retains all touch id functionality as it should.

Many thanks for your help and time Ben.

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Did you try plugging the home button back on the old screen and see if it works on there?

You can also try the replacement screen with home button plugged in but front camera unplugged.

If it boots up normally with home button working you know front camera assembly is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Sometimes visible damage on a home button cable is visible on microscope because I made a microscopic tear on one once when I damaged an iPhone 7 home button cable, and that was only once because I rushed it.

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I didn't even remove the old screen. The screen came on while I opening the screen away from the bottom half of the phone. At this point when the phone loaded up it said touch Id not available and the button become unresponsive also. I haven't replaced a thing on this phone. Just opened it up. So old screen is in place and hasn't even been unplugged. Nothing has been unplugged yet at all.

I could try the new screen and see if the home button starts to work.

I will have to find a microscope. Can the cable be damaged while prying open the screen from the bottom edges?


It shouldn't happen unless you pry like really deep in which I assume almost nobody does.

There is a metal cover over the home button to avoid damaging it when opening it up.

Probably the home button extension cable (one of cables from the screen) got teared when opening it so it's likely that a replacement screen will fix the problem.

The two ribbon cables for screen are at bottom right so you need to loosen up adhesive all around the screen edges then lift up the screen by unhooking from top clips first then lift up screen from left only.


I mean could I have even caused any tears when I didn't even remove any components from the phone let alone the home button itself. I merely go to the stage where the phone was pryed open and insides were revealed.


Defnitely didn't pry that deep with the tool.

Got the screen open already from the left and clips were unhooked.

If the home button extension cable is torn, which I still can't see how as I never went at it and it had the plate over it. Does this not mean the touch id function is not permanently lost as the chip is embedded onto the button. Replacement screen can't fix this. Am I correct?

Even with the pry tool when trying to get the screen off I just can't see how the tool could have cut the cable.


I've only cut the cable from the screen which is the home button extension cable once when I was opening up the phone thinking it was a 6S haha.

Damaging the home button really only occurs when unplugging / removing the home button so if you have only opened it up and nothing else you should try another screen with the home button and then come with a conclusion.


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