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iCloud. BackUp. Broken. Bugs

Hello, friends

I ask for your help. Here's the situation

ios 11.4 There is no criticism. But on May 19, he made the last BACKUP in the iCloud, the size of 790mb. Since then he persistently wrote to me, he can not make a copy, because of lack of space. But the nuance is that, since the last copy of my settings have not changed, so that he had something else to copy. That is, the last copy made on the 19th day should not differ from the one (which should have been done), for example, 21th.

I've rummaged in Google, there are standard cases for which I myself have the answer. I decided to wait for iOS 12, in the hope that a clean installation as a new phone will solve this problem. But nothing has changed. In this case, in the backup settings, the library and everything that can be large is turned off. That is, Ikeklade sucks only the Phone settings, Contacts and some data and several programs I need, even if you can not count, then 1 gigabyte there is hard to count. But why does he persistently consider 18.7 Gb and gives the problem of lack of space in the cloud.

Those support did not help. Their answer is either make a copy on the computer, or buy less space. But this is not the answer you want to hear from them.

The bottom line is that, I do not understand where he takes the 18Gb. I shoveled the whole phone. But I could not find them.

How to be friends?

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FYI: Upgrading your iOS won't fix this.


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This can be confusing!

Lets think of your phone and iCloud backup like a loose leaf binder (2 of them). So your phone has 50 pages in it today and you’ve just made a backup of your stuff to the iCloud so it too has 50 pages. Now its two days later and you’ve deleted 5 pages and added new 10 pages to your phones binder. Now you go to your iCloud binder and marked the 5 deleted pages as not needed but! you don’t remove them from the binder! You then add in the additional new pages so while your phone now has 55 pages and your iCloud binder now has in fact 65 pages!

So looking at our simple example we can see the iCloud file is cumulatively added to no matter what you have on your phone this allows you to recover information that you deleted by mistake.

In addition your iCloud storage can run out if you are making lots of alterations or additions to your files as well as each altered document also is saved in multiple copies.

OK, How do I fix this??

Well I would just take the easy road here and pay the dollar per mouth for the added storage. If you don’t then you’ll need to disable your phones backup settings and then go to the iCloud file area on Apples server and manually delete the backup. Just keep in mind you will loose everything the backup had so no recovery afterwards!! Then once the files are gone re-enable the backup service on your phone and your current files will be backed up.

Here’s how to selectively backup things: How to delete your old Apple iCloud backups and free up space

Here’s more from Apple: iCloud: Restore or set up iOS devices from iCloud

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The point is

Since the purchase (1.5 years ago), he did a backup without problems, I'm not thinking about process of backup. On all versions of the system. And suddenly stops doing it. The irony is that my backup never exceeded the size of 800 megabytes. What is the reason for the jump in size from 800 to 18 gigabytes. Because according to you, it should copy the entire phone ( all 68 gigabytes). And there is one more nuance, in the information about the phone memory shows that the Files folder is 18 gigabytes. But in fact it is empty, the total size of the data in this folder is 50 megabytes, where then took 18. And how to clean this folder?


Ha! But you need to if you are dealing with the space the backup takes! You've also looking at the wrong number. Think of it like a trip odometer which you reset each time you drive, the regular odometer is still incrementally running just the same.

Maybe the best answer for you is to visit an Apple Store to have them review your process as well as check your phone. As I can't see what you see I can only explain what I know is how it works.


Eric - Sorry to say I don't read Cyrillic very well so please bare with me. In looking at your files the Files folder (файлы) which has your data which is copied off your iCloud shared folder is whats taking the space. So if you open the 'Files' iOS app you'll see the documents you have on your iCloud account which you've downloaded to your phone and some will have the blue cloud download icon as these are still in your iCloud folder on Apples Servers.

So... You'll need to go to your iCloud folder from a PC to delete the un-needed files or copy them off to your Mac or PC.

- Set up iCloud on your Mac

- Set up and use iCloud for Windows

Then you can delete them from your phones iCloud Files folder. You could also delete the Files app and all of the stuff will be deleted as well.


Yes, you are right, it is a folder (Files ). But, my Mac shows its size equal to 16Mb. On the iPhone open this folder ( Files ) see documents of the size of which count with 16 MB.


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