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Windows 7/8/10 won't install/boot (elaborated on)

Alright, so I have basically been trying to install windows on my 2012 mac book air. I've tried two different methods yet neither have seem to bear fruit. I'd just like to mention that zero of these problems involve the disc drive apple sells, and are instead all using a boot drive

1) First Method: Regular Win7 installation

So basic windows 7 installation, bootcamp assistant and the sort, everything works fine until: ""No bootable device found."

It's a pretty common problem and I heard it could be because the pen drive is USB 3.0 or because it's not a DVD. After a while of troubleshooting I basically give up and move to the next method

2) Second Method: Installing Windows 10/ Windows 8.1

Alright, so I thought maybe giving widows 10/8.1 a try. So I get to the installer part and, hey! It actually works.

So I do everything, so on and so forth, with the steps being identical for both win 8 and win 10. Everything finishes and I get no errors in the installation.

So then I go on to windows 10/8.1, and the logo boots up, saying setting up devices and it finishes. Then a black screen appears and it just stays like that. Forever. I've already tried letting it sit for more than 3 hours to see if it was just finishing up but to no avail.

The only other thing i've tried is using netbootin and rufus on a different computer instead of bootcamp to create a bootable device yet same error still occurs.

Just to clarify, the boot drive itself isn't the problem, I've used the same boot drive to install linux distros multiple times, and even uses it to install a windows virtual machine just to clarify it's working. The computer also isn't at fault, as I can install linux on it if I desired to. I'm also pretty sure the iso is fine as I got it from microsofts website.

Any suggestions? I don't mind which installation method or windows version it is really, as long as it actually runs properly.

Apologies if it's actually a really simple fix and im just missing something haha.

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How big was the partition that you were installing windows to? Maybe you weren't giving Windows enough space to install? Maybe the partition wasn't formatted correctly to the NTFS? I would try installing windows 10 again as you got the farthest with that installation because something might've gone wrong at the end of the installation.

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My partition was 120gigs. Surely that's enough? I forgot to mention ive repeated the installation multiple times.


It should be fairly straightforward in terms of process of installing windows on a Mac.

Have you refered to this windows 10 install guide provided by apple?

Edit: Looks like you do actually need a USB 2.0 drive to install windows 10 now.


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