How can I completely turn of S Pen detection?

I have a broken-ish Galaxy Note 5 and would like some help. The screen I guess overheated and burnt the image into the screen, but I'm not too worried about that. Although, the burnt in screen might be the source of the problem.

You know how when you detach your S Pen, it would vibrate and notice it was detached? Well, when it's attached, it would vibrate and act like I detatched it when I didn't. This will loop 5-10 times over 1-5 minutes while attached. When I DO detach the S Pen, my phone will rapidly detect and un-detect the S Pen, making it impossible to navigate through the phone, as it won't let me click on anything while it's infinitly attaching and detatching on it's own.

I've had to install the "All in one Gestures" app to make my phone stop hitting the back button over and over again, similar to what the S Pen is doing.

Is there a way to COMPLETELY disable the S Pen feature so it doesn't detect the S Pen anymore? Replacing my phone under no circumstances is an option.

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