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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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nbn change to phone service?

Since connecting to the NBN I seem to have lost some of the working of my phone system. When on a call and another comes in - there used to be a beep in the call letting you know that another call was being made but now all of a sudden the call you are talking on starts going like an echo style of speech and the actually main machine starts flashing red. I have asked people that have made the call and they say that the phone tells them it is not connected.

Does the NBN stop having answering machines working??? When I let a call go to message bank - the machine gives the message I have set but then they can't leave anything.


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Check your account (or toolbox) phone settings on your NBN service provider's website to see if you have CW enabled and also how to switch between calls as it seems that it is different between providers and not be the same as what you had to do when the phone was connected as a landline. e.g. with CW on iinet you have to press the Call button on phone and then dial '2' to switch between calls

Not sure if the "call waiting" call will go or should go through to the phone's answer machine if answered, but perhaps it should go through to the phone number's voicemail service. (provided by your service provider)


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It looks like you have a standard, traditional phone (Uniden Dect 6.0), not an NBN-compliant phone. Did your phone company tell you that you can use a standard telephone on the NBN system? If not, then you will likely need some sort of adapter box which allows you to connect a standard telephone to the NBN system.

One example of an NBN system would be VOIP (Voice Over IP). A VOIP adapter box plugs into an internet jack on your router. It then translates the signal so that you can plug a standard phone into the VOIP adapter box. But there is no way that you could plug a standard phone directly into your router.

Even after successfully connecting your phone to the NBN system, a standard, traditional phone won't have the same functionality, nor will it be controlled by the same type of signals, as an NBN phone is. Therefore, you will likely have some incompatibilities when using a standard phone with an NBN system.

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Hi @mrjimphelps ,

Don't know about Uniden DECT 6.0 phone's but I'm using two different telephones, 1 corded, 1 dect 6 (not uniden) both over 10 years old and an even older dial up modem (security alarm) on my new NBN (FTTN) service with no problems.

No problems with answer machine part of dect 6. although never have that many simultaneous calls to see if CW non answer goes to answer machine ;-)

They're wired (all in parallel connection) into a phone port on the modem/router. (modem/router supplied by NBN service provider)

The only problems are:

1. That the modem has to be kept powered on for the phones to work. Lose power, lose phone service - (dect 6 never worked anyway on power loss) obviously no internet either but we're talking about phones.

2. The old landline service had a few more "user" features that could be immediately and more conveniently controlled by the user such as number not sent forward override code for individual numbers (now it either all or nothing).

Call Waiting and Call Redirect on no answer or busy or permanent is harder to keep resetting due to requirements at the time because you have to log in to your account with the ISP every time to alter the phone service settings and then wait for a short while for them to be implemented, rather than just by dialing the appropriate service codes as before.

Also on a NBN NTD box (FTTP) there is a UNI-V port which standard telephones (including DECT 6) can be wired directly into.

FTTP NTD also allows for battery backup (if installed) so that service is maintained during a power outage. Again not to a DECT 6 phone as these also require separate power source for the base station..

This is called progress!


Uniden Dect 6 phone is what is pictured; that's why I put that in my comment.



I wasn't trying to have a go at you for your answer. Apologies if you thought that.


No problem .


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Hey Robyn,

Actually I have face this problem recently and trying to get rid of this problem and finally i found a iiNet Support number and they will help a lot. If you want to get rid of this problem contact those guys.

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