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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6S released by Apple on September 25, 2015. Models: A1688, A1633

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iPhone won't charge after battery replacement

Hi All,

Have had a couple of strange issues, I thought I'd check in with the community and see if anyone has experienced them..

An iPhone 6S and an iPhone 7. Presented as battery replacements. After replacing the batteries, the phone would charge as normal. However when the phone goes flat, it won't charge anymore.

Battery life was as expected of a new one.

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Hi, I’m having this issue, I have iPhone 6 I replaced the battery, and it won’t charge, but if I put the old battery back in it charges fine. I’ve tried 2 different batteries incase it’s that, the battery will charge in a different iPhone, I’ve changed leads, plugs everything, just can’t get a new battery to work in the phone?


Hi, I have the same problem with an iPhone SE. Tried three batteries, none charges. Coconut Battery says the capacity is only 100mAh :(


Hi Ashra,

On the SE there are tiny capacitors to the right of the battery connector. Theres a very good chance you've knocked one off. I only know because Ive done it.

You can send it to me and I'll fix it (Australia). Or find another competent microsolderer somewhere closer.


Hi Cara, as discussed above, its probably TriStar related.

A way to confirm it's TriStar is to plug in a usb amp meter ($5), without a battery connected. If the phone draws 0 amps constant, your TriStar has failed. If it fluctuates between 0.01-0.08 your tristar is probably OK.

I can help with this repair or you can find a competenf microsolderer somewhere closer to yourself.


@moffit I checked, there are two of these in place. If two is all. But on a video it seems there must be four of them :(

BTW, sending the iPhone from Germany around the world cost probably more then a new (used) one. But thanks for the offer.


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The issue is the Tristar chip (controls charging and USB circuit) needs to be replaced via micro-soldering.

A classic symptom is the battery going flat then the phone does not charge flat batteries.

Another dead giveaway is not seeing an apple logo when plugging in the charger with the battery unplugged.

Like others said make sure MFi certified cables are being used because they have surge protection built in them via the small chip in these cables.

Unfortunately iPhones don't have surge protection so the Tristar chip basically acts like a fuse that gets damaged.

Just to verify its not showing the low battery screen right?

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Hi Ben,

No low battery symbol. The phone doesn't draw any current. So I assume it needs to detect some current for that to come up.

Seems like its case closed, however can you explain the following:

Even though the iPhone 7 was dead and had these symptoms, my supplier was able to get it to charge with their cables/chargers. Any thoughts on that? I also managed to get it to charge by plugging it into a Mac


I recommend trying another charging port assembly to rule that out is faulty ones can cause weird charging issues.

Also make sure the charging port inside is clean.

It could just be bad charging cables after all but if you have tried other phones on that same cable it is probably more to do with the phone than the cables.


I have Ben, thank you


English Please


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Hello moffit,

There are a few possible issues, but they should all be easy to fix if it is the case. First, it may just be the charging cable. Cheap, third party, gas station chargers are not very good, nor apple MFI certified cables, meaning they can possibly damage your phone or throw its battery cycles out of whack. If that is not the issue, the repair place you took it to could have broken the charging port by accident. This would hold them reliable, but it is a fairly rare occurrence. Lastly, it may just be the battery not wanting to charge. This would also be the repair places fault, but it is not likely.

Hope this helps!

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HI Sector. I'm using a genuine Apple Charger, however not a genuine cable. As far as I know the cables don't make a difference, could be wrong.

I am the repair place..

Charge ports have shown no issues


I would try an apple MFI certified cable. I would recommend the cable company called Anker. They’re less expensive than apple chargers, are MFI certified, and great quality. If that does not work, it would not hurt to replace the charging port as they cost less than $20 usually and see if that fixes it. Best of luck!


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There is few possible belong to that faults.The common problem with SWI issues.

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Hello Sir,

If you recently replaced your iPhone’s battery (or had it done by an authorized Apple technician) and you’re still experiencing battery life problems, there are a few fixes you can try that might help.

visit for more info:

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