CPU gets hot, fans turn on fast for a moment and screen turns off

What's the issue with a mid-2015 retina MBP where I can feel the cpu get very hot, the fans turn on very fast for a moment, and then it shuts down. It'll reboot continually this way a few times, usually staying on for shorter and shorter periods of time until it won't boot anymore. Can it be repaired? How much would the rossman group charge?

I bought this after a 2011 MBP had the gpu panic fault. Now I hate apple. they wouldn't fix the 2011 one because they said nicotine inside was a health hazard to their employees. I took off the back, and there were two dime sized yellow spots where the fans blew. Any idea which of the two would be more fixable?

UPDATE: I fixed it thusly: It had crap from vaping on the PCB which built up due to the fan vents being clogged and not enough air throughput to dry the VG. So I had to spray it down with gummy HF contact cleaner, and then clean the gumminess off with alcohol and Novec 7100. Then I baked it in an oven for a few hours at some low temperature which I looked up on google for drying electronics. Works great now.

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