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Very slow charging, turning off on load and battery percentage jumping

Hi there,

I just bought this battery form my notebook. I have installed the new one following this guide and everything went smoothly.

After I have installed the new battery, it had 62%, but after a few minutes of browsing it jumped to 2% and stayed there for more than an hour of watching youtube. I thought that this is normal and the battery will be back to normal after a full charge (calibration).

I let the notebook to charge to 100% until the morning, while it was shut down. The second day, I used it only on battery for about 30 minutes. At about 70%, while turning on a app that increased the load on the machine and made the fans run faster, the macbook suddenly turned off, and didn't wanted to start again.

I have tried SMC reset, but it was not working. After I let it sit for about an hour, it managed to start back, but when I turned on again that intensive app, it turned off again and didn't wanted to start again.

At this point I have tried removing the battery plug a few times and plugged back in, with no luck.

After reading some comments on this forum, I have removed the keyboard connector, and managed to start the notebook without the keyboard. I have shut it down, plugged back the keyboard, and after a few seconds, the battery jumped from 70% to 6%.

From that 6% I let it charging, while shut down and now it's 34% after more than 2 hours of charging, being shut down.

Now it's working fine, but the charging is super slow. What do you this it's the problem here? The old battery (original from 2011) was still in pretty good shape, but I decided to change it, because it had over 800 charging cycles and the autonomy was not exceeding 2 - 2.5 hours.

Thank you everyone.


  • Bought new battery from iFixit
  • Let it drain and charged it to 100% over night
  • Next day the macbook suddenly turned off while running on battery, and won't boot back immediately
  • After managed to turn it on, the battery percentage jumped from 70%, below 10%
  • Let it charge to 100% again, next day died from 90% percentage.
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I have the same issue with my MBP 2011. Have replaced battery as well and experiencing the same issues. Someone online suggested it could be the battery charging port. Little unsure of this tho because if I go to bed with 20% and turn it off, its 7% when I turn it back on.


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1 Answer

have you solved your problem or no? If not here is what you need to do. Buy a new battery. Keep in mind once you get one only charge it when its very low and DON'T keep it plugged in all the time this can damage the new battery.

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1. No, I have not solved the problem.

2. The problem started occurring with the new battery from iFixit, which I just bought.

3. I have let the new battery drain, then plugged the charger and let it charge until 100%

4. The problem occurs (suddenly turning off) when the notebook is running from battery

5. Have you read something from what I just posted above?


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