Computer restarts are login in

When I login to my Mac the bar loads 3/4 of the way then the Mac restarts. It used to come up with a error message saying “The Mac has encounter a problem and needed to restart” but after I did a P-Ram reset that message doesn’t come up anymore it just restarts. Another weird thing Is if I try to boot from a bootable drive to put a fresh image on it, but once again the bar will load so far then stop then the screen goes black. Same if I try to enter recovery mode or internet recovery. The only things that have sort have worked are booting in with safe mode, when I login after booting with safe mode the bar will load completely but then nothing happens I have left it for an hour or two like this. The second thing that worked was performing a hardware test as it actually completed but it found no errors.

A bit of a back story to maybe give some context.

Before I encounter this I replaced the battery and the speakers on the computer immediately after replace those parts the computer started acting up.

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Open the system and disconnect the battery. Now plug in the MagSafe adapter the system should spontaneously start does it complete the boot up this way?

Where did you get the battery? And did you let the battery charge up before hand? What is the color of the MagSafe connectors LED (Amber or Green) before you disconnect the battery.


Did what you said disconnected battery plugged MagSafe charger still didn’t complete boot up. Tried disconnecting speakers as well and trying boot up. Still nothing. The light was green because I’ve had it connected charging for the last couple days. One thing I’ve notice is that every time it boots it always seems it’s booting up from sleep mode like it’ll show the Apple logo but no loading bar under the logo. To further explain I press the power button after shutting down the Mac the Apple logo chime and logo appear for a few seconds then the login page loads. Just seems to be doing that a little quickly.


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