No battery no charge and green light


I had a problem with my 2011 MacBook Pro's battery which I've replaced. But the new battery won't charge!

If I connect the MagSafe power adapter with the battery installed. And now startup the system which works, then disconnect the MagSafe adapter the system continues to work on the battery without MagSafe plugged in. But it's just for a minute or so and then it turns off.

I tried different ways but none worked

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Can anyone help me ?

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Let's see get some more diagnostic data here...

Download this great app: CoconutBattery with it installed we can see whats happening with your system. With the MagSafe adapter plugged in, take a screen snapshot of the main window and then take a second just after you disconnect the MagSafe adapter. Paste both screenshots here for us to see Adding images to an existing question.

Also, tell us what the color of the MagSafe connector LED is Amber or Green and/or if it's bright or dim.

In the meantime, review this Apple T/N: Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters Make sure the MagSafe adapter is the correct one for your system and make sure the condition of the cable and MagSafe connector interface surfaces are clean and in good shape.



The lED always green with battery or with out didn't change but if the battery was connecting with the power adapter and the macbook was runnig and i preesed the battery level bouton the macbook will turn off i don't know whay?


Looking at Coconut it appears the battery is defective. You'll need to get the battery replaced from where you bought it.

The onboard battery tester will apply a load when you press the test button. This does make sense with a bad battery as the total load could excced what the MagSafe charger is able to supply.


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