My camera will not turn on with an SD Card in it

My Canon 1200D won't turn on unless the SD Card is removed. As soon I open the SD Card compartment the camera turns off and when the SD Card is put in it doesn't turn on again, unless it is removed. I thought this might be because it got slightly wet earlier as I had left it in my bag with a water bottle that was leaking ever so slightly, but it was still working earlier and was only really damp so wiped it off and kept shooting. Could this still be the problem? Happens all of a sudden today so not a problem I've ever had before. Only other thing I can possibly think it I completely wore down the battery, then camera wouldn't turn on so charged the battery, which at first seemed to not have ANY bars on the charging dock, took ages to gain even one bar them suddenly jumped up to three. But that's all I can think of that might have started this. Frustrating, as I desperately need it to start working soon!!! Any suggestions? New SD Card ??(I formatted mine) Repair??¿

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