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Washer Powers OFF itself when filling water in the softening stage

I have a Bosch WAS32742AU/08 washer, it will wash, rinse then will power itself OFF with nothing on the display when it reaches the softening cycle with where it begins to fill water (there is about 10mins left in the cycle). I can turn the dial OFF then back to the same program to resume the cycle, it will start filling with water again in the softening stage and power off again.

I've checked the water level pressure switch hose and cleaned the chamber, I dont't think there is a problem with that because it works during the cycle until the softening stage.

I got into the Valve test mode and found that Value 1 and Valve 2 tests are OK individually but when it V1 and V2 are both ON to fill the middle softener dispenser compartment it wont stop filling and eventually the machine powers off.

I posted a video of the test here: https://vimeo.com/264199360

Do you know what the problem could be?


The washer is 7 years old.

I can run and complete the "Drain" only cycle, "Rinse" only cycle, "Spin" only cycle and 15min "Quick" cycle without interruptions.

It's only programs that has the "Softening" part of the cycle it powers off when filling water in the middle dispenser compartment during the softening stage where Valve 1 and Value 2 are open. I don't even use softener and the compartment is clean.


The current work around is when it Powers OFF during softening, I turn the dial to OFF then select the rinse only cycle to complete the washing.

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Nathan, Bosch is very stingy with their information such as wiring diagrams etc... you could have a syphon issue. How far is the drain hose in the drain pipe? The end of the drain hose should be 36” from the floor. If the end of drain hose is push down in drain pipe below the water level in the washer, when the washer goes into the drain then starts filling for the rinse a syphon is created causing it to fill and drain at the same time. That will cause a long fill and the unit will shut off. Check the hose, secure it so the end is 36” from the floor. Zip ties work good. Simply secure to cold water Faucet or similar. If that’s not the issue than you’d have to test voltage at the water valves during fill to determine if valve is sticking open or board is sending voltage to it while it’s off. The board could have a short.

Good luck. Hopefully it’s just a syphon problem

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