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Battery 1% available (plugged in, not charging)

I cant use my laptop unless plugged in... There is no battery left at all and it wont charge...

I have tried to update BIOS but I couldnt because I got a message that the battery needs to be at least 10% charged.

I have confirmed that the charger gives the required volatge, so the charger is fine..

I have no idea if there is something wrong with the battery cz it passed the online dell test..and I dont want to buy a new battery for no reason.

So I have no idea whats wrong to fix it.

any ideas?

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3 Answers

the cheapest part would be the charge port. buy a new one for about 10-20$, and install it.

if this fixes your issue, then great. if not, then the likelyhood that it is the battery will rise.

Unfortunately to figure it out, you have to play some trial and error.

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That doesn't make sense. The charger port is working fine. He is able to power on the laptop. If you are referring to contacts where the batteries touch the logic board, that needs to be clarified.


just because the port is accepting a current, doesnt mean the entirety of the current is getting through. i have done over 20 thousad repairs on laptops, phones, and tablets in the last 5 years at my store location. i have seen this problem happen before, and a charge port fixed the issue.

i understand that it is not the common repair, but i am giving options that CAN fix the issue, that are less expensive than new batteries because the OP doesnt want to try the most likely option first, due to cost.


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Check BIOS and see if the charger is detected and if it matches what the charger is rated. If the charger shows as 1 watt then it is probably a bad charger; although it could also be the charge port.

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I have this problem too. Only developed in May 2018.

I have a temporary fix by rolling back the BIOS to an earlier version.

So it is a BIOS problem, but I have no permanent fix, as the battery only charges a few times, and then returns to it's "won't charge" state.

When you power up the laptop, with the charger plugged in, you probably get a BIOS error message saying " don't recognise the adaptor". And three choices.

If you hit the button saying BIOS setup, and wait for that to display, will see another button saying "BIOS update". Hit that.

That then gives you the option to look for the new BIOS software.

You want the old BIOS that is still stored on your laptop, and to find it, you'll have to navigate the folder options until it tells you there is one there.

Click on that BIOS version, then "Flash BIOS".

It will take a couple of minutes of restarting and flashing the BIOS, but then will boot up.

The replacement BIOS may not be effective immediately. I don't know why.

But it can take 10 minutes, or several restarts, before the charging light suddenly comes on, and the laptop is back to normal charging.

It's weird, but it works temporarily.

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Thanks Dell , for writing a BIOS that stuffs up my laptop charging. And how about fixing the problem.


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