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The iMac is Apple's line of all-in-one desktop computers.

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My 5K iMac keeps turning off while I'm using it?

So around the two year mark I beginning to have a problem where my iMac it keeps turning off on me.

I'm currently running El Capitan on it and after 3 visits to Apple Store they have failed to fix my iMac and replicate the problem. The issue with it is that it turns off after several months or even after a few days. I never not know when it's going to turn off and I confirmed that has nothing to do with anything I've installed or with the programs I run.

The people at the Apple Store suggested that I replace the logic board because they suspected it was a bad logic board. So I got it replaced free of charge because it's covered under Apple Care.

I looked into the problem I have online and I'm not the only one with this problem. There are other people with the same model as mine or similar model as having this same issue.

I came across one person that had fixed the problem by finding out that it was a power supply failure.

I'm not sure it could be that. I was also told that it could be inconsistent flow of power. So I went back home to plug it into a surge protector and still turned off while I was using it even when it was plugged into a surge protector.

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Surge suppressors only prevent excessive power to enter your system it does not solve the lack of power or if the frequency of the power changes.

This is were a UPS make a difference! Unlike a surge suppressor it fills in the power when it goes low or correct the frequency. There are different types of UPS's the cheaper units only kick in when the power is gone (power failure) the better units offer the fill in and frequency sync.

As an example I have APC's Back-UPS Pro units for my systems as living in the city I have poor power.

Even still, I would recommend you get an electrician in to have him check your house wiring. He can make sure your outlet you are using for your system is able to support the load (20 Amp for 120 Volts) and is properly grounded at the outlet as well as the fuse/breaker panel is properly grounded as well. Also make sure the ground tie-in is up to spec it may need to be replaced or cleaned up as over time they do break down.

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But I've I tried plugging my iMac into different outlets and it still turns off on me when I'm using it,and I'm pretty convinced that it could possibly be the internal power supply that's failing to keep my computer,but I'm guessing the only way I can confirm that my electrical wiring in my house is the issue by using a tool that would tell me if it's grounded or not


Its not the given outlet its the buildings power feed that needs to be looked at.

Think of it this way... The water line is being worked on outside on the street so your water looks rusty. Does this effect just one faucets water? No! All of your faucets & toilets in your home have rusty water coming out.

Power is the same, its the whats entering your home can be bad. Where I live we have old wiring which was not updated since the 1950's. Since then everyone around has gotten more electrical stuff like more lights, radio's, TV's and computers! Which over taxes the power lines.

We get power surges brownouts and the lights some times flicker. All three symptoms of poor power.

While a simple tool can check your outlets wiring, its still limited on what it is testing. It can't tell if your building ground is good or if there is something mis-wired thats plugged in or if your power is bad. Or if the power coming from the street is good.


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Almost certainly a power supply issue. We see this often.

The only way to know for sure however, is to replace it :-(

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I had the same problem! Apple could not replicate it. Finally they gave me a new device after 3 failed repair attempts by them.


I don't disagree! Flakey power supplies are always fun to try to nail down!

I've faced a few... But why is it flakey? Often times the unevenness of the AC power stresses them. Which is why I always start at the AC side of the problem first! Then if that doesn't solve the issue, then its time for a new power supply!


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