Released September 25, 2015. Model A1688/A1633. Repair of this device is similar to previous generations, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 64, or 128 GB / Silver, Gold, Space Gray, or Rose Gold options.

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Not able to afford new iPhone is Ifixit my solution?

I have heard some horror stories about Ifixit and their aftermarket pieces with a simple google search but i love the brand due to their teardowns and video tutorials on fixing most phones. seem like a super legit brand.

I want to buy this

iPhone 6s Screen

this will be my first attempt at fixing a iPhone and I'm not prepared to mess it up and have to shell out to not having a phone for 3-4 months, also want a quality piece so anyone who has bought this kit are the colors good? will this be a close to OEM quality or should i shell out the extra for a OEM screen?

my options are do it myself, or could go to the mall and buy a aftermarket screen. Not able to afford the full apple 150$ for their replacement and both ifixit and Mall vendors both scare me with aftermarket screen quality because their is no 'THIS IS SAMPLE SCREEN QUALITY' just have to cuff the money over and hope for the best.

so if anyone has any recommendations please share

the fix seems simple enough. BUT AGAIN FIRST TIME.

iPhone 6s Screen Image


iPhone 6s Screen


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Hello Hilmary,

Learning to fix your own phone can be a fun experience and the skills you learn may be even more valuable in the future. If you are careful, focussed, and go slow, it is likely you will be just fine replacing your own screen. However there is also a small possibility you may damage your phone. That's why I would always recommend that a first time do-it-yourselfer has a backup plan first.

First backup your data. Then wait until you can afford a new phone before you purchase the replacement part for your 6s. Absolutely give the repair a try! Worst case, you will have saved enough money and can walk right into the Apple store to buy a 7/8/X if you fail. Even if you fail, that experience in itself is valuable.

Mall kiosks are often the single lowest quality repair you can get. This is coming from someone who has been repairing phones for 12 years, but even I started out in a mall kiosk. I guarantee you that the 19 year old at the mall kiosk taught themselves how to repair without much guidance from a seasoned professional. Mall kiosks do not pay to train people. They hire cheap, buy cheap tools, and stock cheap parts.

An Ifixit screen will be an average-to-good quality aftermarket part, but it will probably be a higher grade than the mall part.

If you definitely want a professional to take over, find a brick and mortar shop that specialized in cell phone repair. Don't go to any place that is brand new. Look for an established business with lost of reviews. Yelp reviews are filtered and tend to hide the majority of potential reviews. Google maps reviews are totally unfiltered and give a better representation of the business.

The quality of screen found at an independent shop can vary based on the market. For an iPhone 6s, our business can buy $25, $35, $45, and $60 screens. The $25 screen I can buy is the same trash anyone can buy on eBay for $29. The $35 or $45 screen is more commonly what you would find from Ifixit or a mall kiosk. There are decent aftermarkets that will work fine but won't be 100% as bright or colorful as you want. Some business choose to buy a part for around $60 that really will be as good as the Apple store screen. These unfortunately cannot be found on eBay or Amazon. Typically only independent shops with good suppliers can give you an Aftermarket that looks as good as the original. We would charge $109 for this type of repair compared to Apple's $149. So, when you see a shop advertising a $90 or $75 repair for for 6s, they are more likely using a $25 or $35, lower grade part.

Trust your instincts when choosing a local shop, and trust the reputation they have built in your area.

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I will also add that if you are going to buy a part online, definitely chose Ifixit over something like eBay or Amazon. Those sellers only compete on price. A company like Ifixit is concerned with building their brand, which translates to better quality control and better customer service.


Thank you for the much needed advice. I'm going to listen to you and just get the Ifixit aftermarket compared to any other part online i trust your advice. I always used to fix my phone in mall kiosk and were decent screens but If you say they are the lowest of low quality I rather try to fix my phone myself. I appreciate the help you have given me!


Well said Adam, hopefully you'll stick around and continue to share your knowledge!


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Just wanted to say this because this is usually what goes wrong in iPhone screen replacements.

Always unplug battery prior to repair and never put the screws in the wrong screw hole for the 4 screw holes near the screen connector.

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