The Honda Accord is a series of automobiles manufactured by Honda since 1976, best known for its four-door sedan variant, which has been one of the best-selling cars in the United States since 1989.

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Car makes.grinding sound when I am in gear

I have 89 honda acord I think it is clutch plate. Car makes.grinding sound when I am in gear 1 is ok pops out.2 same 3 only makes sound when I exselrate and so on. 170 k I can't go in to reverse. Where do I start. Some one said I should adjust cable arm. No leaks no burnt oil smells. Looking for the cheapest fix

Update (03/08/2018)

So continue to take transmision out. Found out why reverse did not work. Most of all found out most of noise.5th gear was completely grinded down. And bearing that go to casing was broke. Could this be my problem. Can.i just repair 5th gear and bearing without taking transmission out

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Chris, sounds like your syncro's have failed. They are replaceable and it is a big job. All the clutch does is enable the vehicle to go in to and out of gear smoothly. That is the basic explanation. Are you saying when you reach 170/kph you can't put it in to reverse (joke) it would kill you and your car if you did. Or do you mean the car has 170km on the clock? All your clutch will do is slip, so when you accelerate it you will hear a lot of engine revving with no speed increase. Or taking off on a hill, will be a nightmare, car will roll backwards with lots of revving. If it is your throwout bearing, you will just hear a lot of dry whirring noises coming from the centre of the car. To test if it is the clutch. Find a small hill, pull up and put on your handbrake. Then engage your clutch but no accelerator, clutch only allow it to idle up the hill. If the car does it but pops out of gear, your syncros are likely shot. If the car slips and either goes nowhere or rolls back, your clutch it shot.

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Thank you I meant 170k on the clock. I done the test. Found out it's not the clutch . It has to be the synchro . It pops out of gear. If hold it there it stays there. How would job run to repair ?

What will be cheaper.? Finding a replacement or repair.? I was told I should change out the oil in transmission. I think that should give me more time.

Am I causing more damage by driving it? It is a 89 and old. Adjusted the clutch did not help much. Really upset now. Got to find the right mechanic to replace synchro. To much work for me.. thanks for your input.


So I have decided to do the repair my self. I pulled it trany . Out put bearing all over transmission. Replacing bearing. Don't know if I should.replace the synchro did pop out 1 and 2 . I Sean a modified synchro form don't know if I am able to do so. It said to grind off tabs. Does not make sence. Any body can help?


Ring around a couple of transmission specialists, get a couple of quotes. Also ask if they do either rebuilds or replacements. Usually they take your old box as part of the payment. Also call a couple of car wreckers to see if they have good boxes in store. You can get repair parts for it, fairly cheap it seems.

Or you can get a full kit at Autozone. (This assumes you are in the states.)


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