A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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fan is too slow to cool the ps4

i was using my ps4 , then one day me home's power goes out after it came back

i tried to turn on my ps4 i got BLOD (Blue Light Of Death) i fixed it by adding two washers

on both ends of the metal piece above the heatsink (which adds pressure on the heatsink ) .

now my l paystation works but it overheats only after 10 min

the fan i WORKING but it is not fast enough compared to last time

i opened my ps4 again CLEANED everything in it (there was a lot of dust inside) and still no hope

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Common overheating fault on PS4s, get the APU (Main processor) reball / reflowed to fix the problem.

Cracked / loose solder joints.

Power supply can cause this issue too.

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Adding pressure to a heatsink won't improve its cooling efficiency or capability, and in fact might cause more harm than good.

Your fan was working harder/faster before because the inside of your PS4 was so dirty. The dirt caused an airflow restriction, so removing the dirt would require less effort on the part of the fan.

How are you determining that it's an overheating problem? What temperature are you measuring and how are you measuring it?

When you added the washers to the heatsink (!!!), did you lift/wobble/otherwise break the connection between the heatsink and the processor, even a little? And if so, did you clean the heatsink and processor and apply new thermal compound before reassembling? If you separated the heatsink and processor, and/or if you didn't clean/reapply new compound, you likely have a thermal break between the processor and heatsink.

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i have so many questions and answers

first there was no overheating in first


i added the two washers on both end for only the reason to fix the BLOD

(which i used ifixit to help me with that)


i did THROW MY PS4 on the ground

so how do i fix the so called thermal breakdown

lastly the playstation IS SO HOT that i can't keep my hand on it

"i live in a desert i have great affinity to heat"



thanks for answering


There was no overheating at first because your fans were working overtime to pull enough air through all that dirt and dust. You cleaned that out which reduced that resistance, so the fans no longer have to work as hard to get the same amount of air through it.

You didn't previously disclose that you had thrown your PS4 to the ground. That's an important detail you might want to have volunteered at the outset. With that in mind we can no longer discount anything outside of the known variables (thermal breakdown). Anything goes now. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that you've damaged your motherboard (broken solder connections, etc) so right now it's anyone's guess.

You also didn't answer any of the questions I asked you so I'm not sure how much more help I can be if you're unwilling to provide requested and necessary information.


it was a one cm drop

i don't think that the motherboard

is damaged because i can use it freely for like 10 mins then it makes a beeb and turns off

the first question you asked :

washers (is what i meant by the pressure to the heatsink ) do not help cooling

Answer :

i added the washers because of the BLOD

second question : did i add thermal paste before reassembling

Answer :

no i didn't i even turned it on



>i don't think that the motherboard is damaged because i can use it freely for like 10 mins then it makes a beeb and turns off

When an motherboard heats up it expands, and because there are different substances (plastic, silicon, copper, solder, etc) things expand at different rates. Something that works at one temperature but doesn't work at another temperature may be indicative of thermal expansion, an electrical contact that exists at room temperature but shifts/breaks at higher temperatures.

You're not answering my questions so I can't help you any more. Good luck.


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