MacBook Pro battery doesn't power on with new battery connected.

I decided to make a more organized post that relates to the comment section of this post:

MacBook Pro not cooperating with new hard drive. Keeps shutting down.

So if you followed the comment section of that post, this is basically a continuation of that.

At first there was a hard drive issue as well. That issue has been fixed. The drivers needed to be reinstalled and now the computer boots to an OS just fine.

However, I cannot get the battery to work. At first when I received the battery, it started to work fine. I got the orange light on my adapter and it was charging and the battery could boot up the machine without the adapter and everything. I left it charging and I went downstairs, only later to come back up and see that the magsafe was now green. I unplugged it and try to turn it on. It took me to the apple logo and then just shut off. Now, the laptop only boots on with the Magsafe adapter, and that stays green the entire time. Mind you, this is a brand new battery that has one cycle on it. The battery indicator also does not turn on and show me the status of the battery unless it is plugged in. Even when both the battery and the charger are plugged in, the computer can only boot into my safe mode or else it will just shut off during the apple logo. In order to access the normal OS, I have to take the battery out and keep the laptop plugged into the charger. The battery will literally no longer work with the laptop on its own no matter the circumstances. The laptop now has to be plugged in. I ran an apple hardware test and I received the following information: Booting into safe mode, I received the following information on coconutbattery as well. The computer recognizes the battery, but it looks like it refuses to work with it. SMC reset and PRAM reset did nothing.

I genuinely have no idea what the problem is. Is it the logic board? If it was though, wouldn't apple hardware test tell me rather than just say that it's the battery? If it is the logic board though, please let me know because I want to know for sure what the problem is.

EDIT: Also another interesting thing that I just found. Regardless if the battery is connected or not, if I plug the magsafe in, the laptop will boot up on its own automatically for one second, then shut off and then restart again. I do not press the power button when this happens. It completely does it on its own.

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