Model A1311 / Late 2009 / 3.06 or 3.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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No video after drive replacement

I took this apart to replace the failed disk with one that will need formatting. After reassembly the system bongs and I can see the back light came on. But nothing after that. My suspicion is that the display connector is damaged. It bends away from the PCB just a bit. All the leads going to the PCB seem intact, There are ears one either end that look as if they might should be soldered to the PCB.

The plug from the display to the PCB does not seem very secure but visually it appears fully inserted.

So, how should I proceed with debugging this? Given that it is almost nine years old I am not inclined to invest much more time or money.

Update (02/18/2018)

Block Image

Block Image

Well, the top image seems to show the problem. The underside of the connector seems to have pealed away from the solder pads.

My EE degree is now 48 years old and I have not done component-level work on modern PCBs. My only soldering iron is almost that old and probably not suitable.

What is the proper tool for repairing this kind of damage?

Update (02/18/2018)

One more photo, showing how the connector is lifted from the PCB.

Block Image

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Can you take some nice detailed pics so we can see the damage.

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Well it looks like you found the problem. One contact appears to be pulled off its pad as well as the frame pads have been pulled.

You might be able to take the connector off the rest of the way so you can reform the connectors solder pins or replace it with a new unit. You don't want to press the connector down as you may break it or warp it so the connections don't mate cleanly I-PEX connectors

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What is the right tool to remake the solder connections? Iron, heat gun?


I would use a small soldering iron and solder wick. You'll also need some solder flux (paste) and solder.

Once you get it off use a pair of tweezers to carefully reform them use a small metal ruler to help align the bends and a good flat surface to rest it on as you adjust things. Once the connector is back in shape clean off the solder pads you may want a third hand vise to help to hold the connector as you tack it down and once correctly placed, finish soldering it down. Do make sure you didn't bridge any of the connections.


Thanks for all your help.

Sounds like a need a new iron with a small tip. And you don't think I can simply heat the leads and get them to reflow the joints.

I take it the square tabs at each end are supposed to be soldered down. They must have been loose when I took this guy apart. I don't think I put much downward pressure on the cable as i tried to figure out the latch.


Don't beat your self up here ;-}

It was when you lifted the display to pull the cable off (its just too short!) that is when the connector got yanked. I've damaged a few as the space is just to tight for anyone with big hands.


Glad I am not the only one. And I do have fairly large hands. Those tiny two wire connectors are truly annoying.

At least this model and the next could can be taken apart. I hate the new models that are glued together. I know there are people who can get them apart, but I won't take the liability. For that matter, I did not take this one apart until the owner had a new iMac and her data was safely on an external drive. Thanks again for responding.


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