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MacBook Pro not cooperating with new hard drive. Keeps shutting down.

I decided to upgrade my 250GB HDD so I bought a 2TB SSHD from Amazon, particularly this one: Seagate 2TB FireCuda Gaming SSHD SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 2.5-Inch Hard Drive (ST2000LX001)

I installed the new hard drive into my computer, installed High Sierra on it. It is very finicky in my machine. Sometimes it will work great until I shut down the computer. After that, it will go to the Apple logo, go to a white screen, and then shut off and restart and do this loop over and over again.

Sometimes It will boot up like normal and work for a few minutes but then it will suddenly shut off again and do what I just explained earlier. I put my old hard drive back in and it didn’t have this problem.

Also, I put my new hard drive into my other computer and it worked completely fine, it seems to only have the issue on my MacBook Pro.

I also bought a brand new ribbon cable for the machine as well, which is confusing. Is my hard drive just not compatible with my machine? It has claimed to be compatible with my MacBook model. What do I do?

Update (02/18/2018)

That’s the issue. I cannot turn on the computer with the battery connected, meaning I cannot access and get a report from coconut battery. I used to be able to, but I can’t anymore. When I did check coconut battery before that started happening, it said that the battery was in good condition. I will keep trying though and I will notify you if I can get coconutbattery to successfully look at the battery and make a report.

EDIT: Was able to boot into safe mode and get a report!!

Here it is

Block Image

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Your drives specs: 2.5" FireCuda SSHD


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I'm wondering if your systems battery is getting weak here. If you review the spec sheet above you'll see the 2 TB drive does pull a bit more power than the 1 TB/500 GB drives.

How about running CoconutBattery and posting a screenshot of the main app window so we can see whats up. Do it with the with the MagSafe plugged in and a second with it disconnected.

Update (02/18/2018)

Well, the CoconutBattery output is giving us a clue! Note the battery is not fully charged! And the charger is only pushing 0.63 Watts which is quite low given the batteries charge level. Now let it charge for the night and do a fresh capture.

This looks like you rarely run it on battery alone as it only has one cycle and for 847 days (2 & 1/3 years). I'm suspecting you need to calibrate the battery.

Here's how: How To Calibrate a Mac Laptop's Power System

But! You still have a problem if you can't even run the system with the battery at this point. I'm suspecting your SMC logic on the logic board has a problem with the comparator logic which is on the backside of the logic board. Did you have a liquid spill at some point? I suspecting you have corrosion around the chip so its confused as it's getting the wrong voltage inputs.

Here's the IFIXIT guide you'll need to follow to get the logic board out to inspect it: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Early 2011 Logic Board Replacement

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The only issue is that the computer can’t turn on without the MagSafe, even with the battery connected.


I fully understand!

This is a power issue so we need to look at the batteries health. Please run CoconutBattery and post the snapshots of what the window shows as I outlined in my answer.


I figured out the hard drive issue! The GPU drivers weren’t set up correctly so it didn’t know what to do. Boots up now! As for the battery, it will literally just shut off after the Apple logo when I plug it in. Last time I was able to check coconutbattery though, it said it was in good condition. Could the battery just be lying to the computer? I heard that can happen.


What is CoconutBattery showing now? Post a screenshot so we can see.


So in that case there is nothing wrong with the SMC logic switch on the board or whatever? My gosh it would be such a pain in the ass to have to replace that lol.


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My bet is that you are victim of the Apple Planned Redundency Program. I had the same thing happen to the same model when upgrading the hardware in much the same manner as you have. Ran all the official Apple Hardware tests in every variant configuration I could think of. Always tested OK. Apparently that model has a known issue with the graphics chip and my bet is that your machine is stalling when it tries to access the chip on startup (a Tech with access to more reliable testing regimes than Apple provide to the suckers who pay for their machines, spotted the matter in a couple of minutes). Thanks to Apple and its new APFS, there is no going backwards and reliable repairs are nigh on impossible. On principle, I have opted out of Apple and have moved to a quality Notebook to run under Windows. I know they have their problems too but they are not a vertical control hierarchy with cradle to grave fees and charges - along with gratuitous hooks and barbs in the "updates". Treva Makara

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