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Upgrade eMMC storage in this laptop?


My girlfriend's mom purchased this ~$200 laptop awhile ago and it has a 32 GB eMMC hard drive in it. I can't seem to find any information online about this laptop, but I was wondering if anyone knew:

a) if this laptop has a sata drive slot, I know that it doesn't have a DVD drive so I can't just stick a sata SSD in that way.

b) If I can change the boot order in the BIOS to boot from the sata SSD. I understand that this is a pretty basic BIOS feature but you never know with these cheapie laptops

I was able to find a lot of information about the HP 14-an013nr however I can find very minimal information about the HP 14-an012nr.

Thanks for the help!

Update (01/27/2018)

This might be stupid as well, but is it possible to have a spanned volume with the eMMC boot drive as well as a USB Flash Drive or an SD card?

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I was given this same laptop and it doesn't even have enough hd space to update Win10. I want to install the sata hd from my old laptop but don't know if it will be compatible. Will it work? What info do you need from me to answer. The sata is a wd


There was a port inside the laptop that was meant for a dvd drive. I ordered this caddy from amazon:

and stripped out the internal circuit board to install a SATA drive. I then cloned the os and everything else over to the new drive and swapped the boot order over to the new drive from the BIOS. I hope this was helpful!


This video was also helpful in the process.


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@unzile get an SSD. Clone the eMMC to SSD and change the boot order in bios to boot from SSD. Or you could got with the options provided by HP

Hard drive connector 815139-001

Hard drive bracket 859126-001

Hard drive (SATA; does not include bracket or cable):NOTE:The hard drive cable is available using spare part number 815139-001.

1-TB, 5400-rpm, 2.5-inch part number 778192-005

500-GB, 5400-rpm, 7-mm part number 778186-005

500-GB, 5400-rpm, hybrid 8 GB SSD, 7-mm part number 732000-005

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The problem I'm facing right now is determining whether or not there is actually a sata slot in this laptop. Since it has eMMC storage in it, it wouldn't have sata, right?


What HP does for their non Stream devices like this is they use an eMMC interposer. This interposer takes the eMMC module and translates it to something the SATA bus can understand. Yes, the SATA controller should be enabled.

The cable and caddy are cheap, so it doesn't hurt to try with a junk SATA hard drive to verify there is a SATA interface available.


Ah, alright. I'll have to take the whole computer apart at some point to check and see. Thank you for the help! :)


The advantage you have with this laptop (unlike the Stream series, where the Option ROM's aren't implemented and there is no SATA connection) is the eMMC is NOT soldered the board and the option to use SATA is likely available (along with the required Option ROM's).

On yours, it's essentially a standard laptop with the SATA/AHCI Option ROM available. What HP has done is installed an eMMC to SATA interposer to save money, since that doesn't require a new motherboard to implement and allows them to release a low cost "SSD" based laptop. You're in an excellent position with this laptop. You might need to change something in the BIOS, but that's likely the extent of problems you will deal with. The machine should have full SATA support.


Yes it does. There is also enough room for an SSD etc.


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