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This LG Android device was released in October of 2015. The model number of the device used to create these guides is LG-VS990.

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How do I transfer photos off my V10 when it is stuck in the boot loop?

Is there a way to get my photos off my LG v10 once it is stuck in the boot loop? Is there a way I can take out the memory and put it into another device to recover it? Every once in a blue moon the v10 will come on and work but only for a minute. Never long enough to transfer data. Then It freezes and upon restart, we get stuck on the Lg life is good logo. Any suggestions?

Mise à jour (26/01/2018)

98% of the time it sits at the LG good life screen. If I haven’t tried to mess with it in a week, it will boot up and but once I get into the photo app or any other app, the phone locks up on that screen and I have to pull the battery out to get it to turn off.

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it might not be possible due to the way the phones are made. No the memory chip can not be moved to another device for data recovery because it is soldered to the motherboard and without proper soldering skills and tools you are almost out of luck. Does it make any attempt to boot or just sit at the LG life good screen and not boot into android at all?

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The problem that causes the problem varies my phone. On my G4 it's reportedly the PMIC but I never replaced it since LG wasn't specific about what went wrong with the phone I have. The other reason is I don't know if it'll fail again so I just wanted my data.

Data recovery is possible most of the time when this happens.


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I've been down this path with my LG G4 when I had to choose between the phone or the final photos of the cat I can't replace. The problem is these phones have a serious issue with the motherboard that's reportedly due to the PMIC, but the issue with fixing them is you are gambling on if it will be reliable. Consider this a data recovery only phone and focus on data. The problem is LG has been vauge about it so we don’t have anything to work with as professionals to help folks like you save it beyond speculation. This is further supported by the fact you can get a phone from any other manufacturer without massive amounts of bootloop reports. LG has had issues for years, but I never had my first LG long enough to see the day I’m using a hairdryer to recover it.

You can read my procedure here to reflow it and get your data off: How do I get the phone working for data recovery?

The disassembly of your V10 looks similar to my G4 I used to use, but I'd recommend following the guides for the V10 to avoid problems or missing anything. The G4 was my 2nd and final LG to this very day, and I now buy my phones outright - I haven’t looked back since because phones are too expensive to ignore the risk of a similar flaw coming back and have stood firm on this since 2017.

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