Model A1312 / Mid 2011 / 2.7 & 3.1 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac12,2

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What id the RGT SKIN cable used for and does it need to be used?

Hi Folks

Was wondering if you can help?

What is the RGT SKIN cable used for and does it need to be used?

This cable of mines has been hanging out i have just noticed. I am positive i didn't knock it out by mistake. I believe it was out when i bought it off someone. Does this need plunged back in because when i look at some youtube vids, some peoples ports are empty as well. It was tucked behind the logic board didn't even know it existed till i went to do some work.

Best Wishes


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mmm... And your system is working??

The sensor monitors the CPU temp. The fan runs high and will shutdown the system when it overheats. So if someone pulled the connection the CPU is likely running hot.

I would recommend you get a good thermal monitoring app like TG Pro. You'll want the full version to get the sensor diagnostics. Post a screenshot of the main screen here so we can see whats up.

Sounds like you'll need to pop the logic board and refresh the thermal paste on the CPU and maybe the GPU as well (the GPU has fragile black mask and uses thermal pads for the VRAM chips (gapping paste can be used - I prefer the pads). Inspect the heat pipes as they can leak. Also clean off any dust build up on the fans and case.

Here's a screen capture from my 2011 27" iMac:

Block Image

Yours should look the same.

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Thanks Dan I am going to take the board out and do a re thermal job. I got some good non conductive paste white and silver so i will give all a good clean as well. Strange though, I do not know why people leave these out may be it is cause the chap before me was getting to hot? However, the fans were on fast but my app slowed them right down and there was no heat problem. Anyway I will do that paste job as probably needs it,

Keep you posted


HI Dan

Thanks for the screen shot mate, that looks ACE! Better than the one i have anyway I think i will get myself a copy as it saves a lot of hassle. I have the board out just now so I will post a picture of it when I am finished with the thermal job

Thanks buddy



Captainpubwatch - I do recommend getting a better thermal app like TG Pro. Yes it will cost you $18 US but its so much better than any of the freebee's or cheaper apps.

You really want to avoid using software to control the fans as they are only band-aiding a problem that needs fixing or you're over-stressing the system for something it was not designed to run. Many of the newer heavy graphics games need more power than what this system was designed to run. Besides I often find the software solutions tend to wear out the fan's prematurely and if you don't have the app polling enough stress the logic board and then if you go to often you're stealing CPU cycle's (IRQ's) for SMART to respond which is why if you've swapped out (or someone else did) the HD to a 3rd party you'll want the OWC in-line thermal sensor.


Hey Dan sorry to bother you mate. A bit of a stupid question, but, does the SD cable on the right near the fan and speaker cables go in with pins facing ou on the IMac 27" mid 2011t or facing inwards? I can't remember what way i took this out. I know all the others are facing out. however, this cable looks as though it goes in the other way round may need twisting quite a bit if i were to put pins facing towards me? I have done this so many times, but I suppose it's not a stupid question, as i am no way taking a risk like this! Or fry job, do not want to blow a capacitor. Any advice be great.




captionpubwatch - Here's the IFIXIT guide for the SD Board; iMac Intel 27" EMC 2429 SD Board Replacement

I'm assuming your having issues with the logic board side here's a good image of that connection: as you can see the purple wire is down.


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Correct me if I am wrong but does the Right Skin Temperature Sensors not monitor the "enclosure temperature" and the CPU Temperature Sensor monitors the CPU? The skin temp sensor which connects to the top of the housing near to the camera would have difficulty measuring the CPU temp from that location. For example, the AHT TS0P is generated by the Right Skin temp sensor upon "Excessive upper internal enclosure temperature..."

Block Image

Block Image

My suggestion is to plug it in and see what temp read/error you get. Monitor the temperature of the enclosure and see if it gets to hot. Replacement for the sensor is Apple part number 922-9847.

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Thanks mate

I will give that a go thanks for the info dude, these pictures are very useful!

My fans were on full blast, but i have an app that slows them right down and was really cool no heat problem. However, this sort of explains why they were maybe on full with this being out? Not sure though as i seen a few other people not using it for some reason and was wondering why it was not getting used beforeI got it.

Oh well good info, I am going to re paste my cpu and card as it needs some new thermal paste so will give fans a good clean as well and then pop it in and see how it goes.

Keep you updated



@oldturkey03 - Your right! Its been awhile taking the logic board out.


All was good after i poped this cable in and fans stayed quiet. therefore do not know why other chap had it out, as was professionally wound and tucked away. Must have wanted fans on full for some reason? Anyway I gave the graphics card and the chip a good pasting, as they needed it. All is cool now! I will keep these picture as are very useful.

Oh just a quick question, Why is there no wire for the backlight power socket on these models? This port stays empty for some reason, was just wondering. the socket next to the hd fan and right sink.

Thanks for the info man

All the best



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