Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Intermittent "No Cell Coverage" issues after repair

I replaced both the battery and lightning/headphone port connector on my iPhone 6 and now have problems with the batter discharging quickly. Checking battery usage in "Settings", I've found "No Cell Coverage" is the culprit. Searching previous posts indicates it's possible the new lightning/headphone port is bad, or of course it's possible I made a mistake in reassembly. What all should I check regarding reassembly errors? Obviously there's the antenna cable connection, but I assume there could be other issues (e.g. how the lightning/headphone part connects to external antenna.)

I contacted iFixit support directly, but thus far all I've got back is a generic "Everything you need to know about replacing your iPhone battery" email. Just getting back into the phone is going to be a challenge, as after just one use of removing/reinstalling screws the pentalobe bit from the iFixit tools stripped. That's better than the screw heads being stripped, of course. I don't believe I used excessive force. I guess this is why they include the phillips head replacement screws that I unfortunately didn't use.

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Based on my symptoms, iFixit decided the replacement Lightning/headphone assembly was defective and sent me another one. I installed the newer one, and am still having the same types of problems (intermittent phone network connectivity and the battery draining unusually quickly). Reading through older posts on the forum I found one poster having similar problems who said squeezing on the front in the vicinity of the speaker assembly at the lower-right would intermittently fix a problem like this (Cellular antenna connection points?). I just tried that with my phone when it showed no service and suddenly I got two bars of signal and it's successfully talking to the phone network again.

Upon reassembly with the second replacement I made absolutely certain the screw attaching the tab off the flexible circuit board in that corner was snugged down well, so I shouldn't have an intermittent connection there. Any suggestions of what else I might try?


I have the same issue. I replaced the charging port assembly and battery. after wards i have the lte drop to 3g or 1x frequently. multiple dropped calls mid conversation. ifixit send a second replacement component which I installed and its still happening. Did the factory reset and restore from backup and its still happening. Will try a factory reset without restore this weekend to see if it makes a difference.

After looking online, it appears that there is a lot of people complaining of this issue on various iphones on the verizon network. Mine started right after I replaced the hardware so I am not sure if its the hardware, a configuration issue, or a network incompatibility with the new hardware.

Simply, I am running out of ways to try and get this phone working reliably.

It is very frustrating as I have to go to airplane mode to get lte back any time I want to use the phone. At which point its 3 bar lte for a minute then falls back to 3g and sometimes 1x. Very frustrating.


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Defective charger port, you will have to try another one.

Assuming you have already double checked the antenna cable from the charging port for plugged in that's pretty much it.

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