Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone 6 both cameras not working!

Hi guys, I have an iPhone 6, both cameras and flash not working. Tried known working cameras, made no difference, both cameras don’t work. So I know it must be the motherboard. As usual I removed and replaced the camera IC U2301. Tested it again. To my surprise, bother cameras still don’t work. I then removed the new U2301 again, did a jumper from A1 to A2, now capacitor C2345 has constant voltage 3.8-4V feeding from VCC_main. Tested the phone again, both cameras still don’t work!

I double checked the PP2V85_CAM_VDD line, no problem found, the line has continuity. I also checked pin 34 of the rear camera FPC connector J2321, it has voltage 3.8V (since I jumped A1 to A2 on U2301), which means it has power to turn on the camera. I don’t understand why cameras still not working. Can anyone tell me where to check now? Many thanks.

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Have you checked FL1144 & FL2343?

also, check the PP1V2 & PP1V8 lines that power the cameras as well. Look at FL1123 & FL1166 for the FCAM and FL2329, FL2330 & FL2318 for the RCAM. Explore that entire circuit .

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Many thanks Minho. Both FL1144 and FL2343 are fine. Both filters have continuity. Both lines of PP1V2_RCAM_CONN and PP1V8_RCAM_CONN are also fine. Continuity found on both lines. Voltage readings are all correct. As filters (FL1123, FL1166, FL2329, FL2330, FL2328) are working fine. I don’t know where to check now. :(


I also checked pins 18, 20, 22, 24 on J2321. Voltage readings are all correct. Pins 18, 20, 22 got 1.2V, pin 24 got 1.8V. They all have correct power to power the cameras. Don’t know why both cameras still don’t work.


Just reading back through your question. I hadn't caught this but why did you short A1 & A2? U2301 is a low dropout voltage regulator, taking the VCC_MAIN input at 4.2V and dropping it down to 2.85V for the proper operation of the cameras. If you short it, then you are putting too high a voltage through (VCC_MAIN) and directly into the cameras and you may have damaged them.

Remove the jumper, check the output voltages of U2301 and if that doesn't work, try a known-good camera.

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Hi Minho, yes I know U2301 is a regulator to lower the voltage from vcc_main 4.2v to 2.85v. I already tried a new U2301. No output voltage detected on C2345 when open the camera app. PP2V85_CAM_VDD line has continuity, upstream capacitor C2301 has normal voltage (4.2V) from VCC_main, but it just couldn’t pass it to C2345 through regulator U2301. the downstream capacacitor C2345 always got zero voltage. I already tried good working rear and front cameras, no output voltage detected on U2301 no matter what I tried.

The reason I jumped A1 to A2 on U2301 is to check whether the cameras will work if I intentionally feed power to the camera connnectors. However, the result is also negative. I don’t really know what to check now.


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