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The HTC 7 Surround is a smartphone created by HTC running on the Windows Phone operating system.

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Device will not go past 'htc' boot screen

Device will not go past 'htc' boot screen

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Did you try Jail-breaking it or something, before it failed?

If it's still under warranty, bring it to the MFG to get repaired or replaced.

If not these guys fixed my HTC HD2 a few months back.

If fixing it through USB doesn't work, you have to take it apart...

They had to take the Circuit Board out, and reprogram it.

The cool thing is they didn't erase my stuff.. It was all there afterwards.

by Jim Smith

how much did it cost to get it fixed? also what's the number to call to get it fixed?

by anthone9633

I can't tell you how much. I'm not allowed.

You ask them but I think they need to see it first before they give you a quote. 800 - 691 - 8351 epic data

by Jim Smith

my HTC Model ADR 6410L Droid incredible software dead ,now how can it recoverable.

by tausifshabbir

I had this problem and tries all sorts! in the end all i had to do is take out my mirco sd card... hope this might help!

by ebb1303

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Sounds like a corrupt system. Since it's can't be more than four months old, I'd take it in for warranty work. No reason to risk voiding your warranty by messing with it.

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+ I agree to new a phone to risk losing the warranty on it.

by oldturkey03

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I would try a hard reset just in case this should work before you take it back to the store :-)

Try to reset your phone by

Press the Vol up and Vol Down keys while you power your phone on it should give you the prompt to reset your phone.

Remember that this WILL ERASE all your data. Hope this helps you out. But do not start looking any further, since your phone should still be covered under warranty. Good Luck.

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I did this to my phone a million times and my phone still won't work. I have an HTC desire 510 BTW.

by asenwaycasteraw

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hey anti,

you are basically at a bootloader screen, what you have to do next is connect the phone through usb to ur computer/laptop and wait for it to recognize the phone and install its drivers, once the drivers are installed u will see that in place of serial, it will say "usb", at this point, go to

and follow the instructions, there are 2 roms to download, and u have to follow the steps

1. download both files

2. open up the romupdateutility.exe from the first downloaded zip file and run it, follow the steps on screen, once it finishes flashing, it will show an error, ignore it and exit, ur fone will reboot and come back to the same tri color screen as before, then wait to see it say "usb" again, then you open the romupdateutility.exe from the second zip file that you downloaded and run the same procedure and wait

once u r done, ur phone will hopefully work, hope this helps.

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And if the above mentioned procedure doesnt work, the only way is to void the warranty, open up ur phone and replace the micro sdhc card present inside as mentioned in one of the above replies

by Yash Khubchandani

hi, good advise. but i am stuck becouse when i tried to down the two ROMs, i was hit with a 'NOT FILE FOUND TO DOWNLOAED' kindly advise wat to do next or plan B???

by Mwape Chama

Would if it wont reconize it?

by asenwaycasteraw

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you have to wait dude. it looks like it is hung but it takes a long time then suddenly it loads then it is normal after that. dont restart it over and over trying to get it to boot after reset, the reset is not done yet.

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I had the same problem with this phone and the solution is very simple, there's a hidden 16gig sd card just below the battery that's gone bad, you will need to buy another sd card to replace it, it doesn't have to be a 16g, go on YouTube and search htc surround sd card, good luck any questions email me

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