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Why is my car over heating

I have a 2002 Honda accord LX, I have recently replaced the catalytic converter, radiator, radiator upper and lower hoses, thermostat and gasket but my car is still over heating and spitting radiator fluid all over my engine. I don't know what else to do. I need some suggestions.. Why does my car continue to over heat and spit radiator fluid everywhere?

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See if you can find the source of the leak from the direction of the fluid spatter.

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I have a 1998 Honda Accord, with the 2.4 liter 4 cyl. engine, and went thru this same problem. you may have to backtrack some to solve this issue. All coolant will reach a boiling point if not cooled down. some systems are intact, but inefficient, or have several small problems, showing up infrequently. I assume it runs ok up to a certain temperature , then overheats, and begins " spitting out fluid" ?. Can you see where approximately? As the coolant heats up it produces more pressure in the system, till it finds the weakest connection, and forces its way out, like steam out of a tea kettle.

Honda's have many small coolant lines, which can leak, causing coolant loss ,and eventually overheating. First, If your thermostat is new, and installed correctly, the upper and lower Radiator hoses should get warm during operation of the engine. If the upper hose is "HOT", and the lower hose is "COOL" then the thermostat is not opening, and your engine cant cool the liquid down, leading to overheating.. check thermostat for correct install, you can even take it back out and put it in hot water (160 degrees) to see if it does open. If so, its ok, the next main problem would be the radiator clogged, not allowing coolant to circulate from upper hose thru radiator to lower hose and back to engine. (so lower hose is cooler to the touch) . If both hoses are "HOT" then I would check the coolant Fans , mounted on the back of the radiator. At operating temp, they should kick on, even at idle. if they do not, they are at least contributing to the problem. check for power to fans. you can jumper a wire from battery right to them, they should come on. If not, fans bad, if jumpered power lets them come on then they are ok, look for wire interruption, breaks, cuts or find the fuse or rely controlling them, to check if bad .

My Honda Accord has small coolant lines running to the TPS on the back of the Intake manifold, impossible to see, and they can leak or be clogged. that alone would not cause massive coolant loss all at once though. It would be slow loss with poor idle of engine, till coolant is too low to be effective.

There is also a bigger coolant "pipe" or tube running across the back of the engine, from the water pump to the rear/ lower part of the thermostat housing, also impossible to see. Mine was corroded, and leaking. . that can be removed, replaced, or just the O ring rubber gaskets replaced at each end of it. It also has 2 hoses that come off of it as it crosses the back of the engine, they should be checked also. ( from under the car, with a bright little flashlight, you can see most all of these things.

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This sounds like a flow issue!!! Does the heater blow hot air? Also, you need to make sure the system has been bled of air. Excessive air in the system equals excessive pressure and the water pump won't pump coolant through the system.

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Hi there.

I love this car, reliable and low maintenance 1997 honda accord. However it started to overheat after about 16 years on the road.

The car would slowly overheat after 150kms of driving. I noticed that the water level in the cooling system was reduced after long journey.

Ther 1st foreman changed the water radiator to a bigger double layer radiator, but on a longer journey, the car overheating problem persisted.

2nd foreman changed the water pump. he said the old one was leaking... but still not OK.

At this stage, I started a research on internet.

Long story... cut short... the answer is to bypass (hot water) small black rubber hose from throttle body!!

[ Yes it is an old car... After 16 years, the metal inlet / outlet pipe had corroded heavily it blocked the water flow... what happened was the rubber hose cracked and hot water leaked out here!!]

Problem solved!

Tq Allah AlMighty.

sincerely form


sorry 4 my english

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can you include a pic of where you're talking about?


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If you can Smell radiator fluid then you are leaking somewhere and have Air in the line. Quick check is to take it in and have the pressure test the system it will tell you right away if there is a leak or not. That is the quickest way.

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