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System doesn't turn on after SHUTDOWN. Only works on RESTART

Hi All,

I spilled some tea on my MacBook's keyboard but cleaned it immediately and nothing seemed to be an issue. I used it for a few hours after this and when I SHUTDOWN my system and tried to turn it on again, it did not turn on.

So after a couple of days, I opened the casing and unplugged the battery and plugged in again after 2 mintues. Then, I connected it to the MagSafe charger and turned on my Mac it worked!

It even works when the MagSafe charger is not connected and it works on the battery only mode. However, the problem re-appears when I SHUTDOWN my MacBook.

So, everytime I SHUTDOWN my mac, I have to open the case, unplug the battery and replug the battery, then plug in the charger and press start and it works. Mac works if I RESTART my mac, but doesn't turn on if I SHUTDOWN mac.

I have looked at plenty of videos and forums, but haven't found an answer for this and would appreciate your help with this.

MacBook Info

  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)
  • Battery according to Coconut Battery -
    • Battery Status - Good
    • Battery Failure - None
  • Keyboard - No visible issues. All keys work just fine.

Mac doesn't turn on after SHUTDOWN only

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1 Answer

Chosen Solution

You'll need to isolate if the problem is on the logic board or within the uppercase. The easiest way is to disconnect the keyboard and then use power pads to test the system. Review this IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Late 2013 Logic Board Replacement. Follow the first Steps 1 thru 6, then jump down to Step27 carefully disconnecting the keyboard cable. Then you'll need to reconnect the battery.

Now when you reconnect the MagSafe charger the system should startup on its own. Using the trackpad shut down the system. Now carefully take a sewing pin with a small alligator patch cord clip one end to one of the metal standoffs (body ground) and then for the other end hold the sewing pin. We need to short Pin 5 to ground. Make sure you don't touch any of the other contacts! The system should boot if not the logic board has liquid damage likely on the backside which you can't see. If the system does boot up then the problem is within the uppercase.

Block Image

Click on image to get larger size

Let us know which so we can then review the next steps.

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@danj if you disconnect the battery and mag-safe, you don't need to touch the pads, it will spontaneously reboot after being reconnected.


@mayer - Agreed! But I'm testing the switch logic here for liquid damage which is why you need to do the short pin5.


I just figure if it won't start from the power button but will start with the battery trick, the logic board should be good. Am I missing something?

I do try an SMC reset.


@mayer - I had the OP pull the trackpad ribbon cable so it should spontaneously restart when the MagSafe is connected but thats not conclusive if the keyboard or the logic board has a corrosion issue that's creating a leaking current across the switching logic which is the most likely here (not necessarily within SMC its self). Look at 'SMC_ONOFF_L' on the schematics you'll see it pops up a few places ;-}


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