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Logicboard died. What's better to do: sell or replace?

My Macbook's Logicboard recently died, because my wife plugged in external DVD-player with wrong power cable.

Official Apple Service told me that LogicBoard is damaged and needs to be replaced. Instead I asked another company to repair the board. Unfortunately, they didn't manage to repair and told me the replacement is necessary.

And now Official Service also doesn't replace the board for original price (800 EUR), because the board was modified during the reparation. And they say that replacement now costs about 1500 EUR.

So, I have a dilemma: replace it by myself (no such experience with Macbooks, but I'm software developer, so I know a bit in general) or sell the device/parts.

The questions are:

1) Are you interested in buying the device? And what could be it's approximate price if the rest parts are OK?

2) Would it be difficult for me to replace the Logic Board and does it have sense?

3) Any other recommendations?

Thank you!

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@muradx just for my own knowledge how "plugged in external DVD-player with wrong power cable" was the DVD player connected to the MacBook Pro? did the other company ever explain to you what happened to the board or what part needed repair?


Dvd-player was plugged into via USB port. But it also has power-cable, which was also plugged-in.

No, I didn't get any detailed explanation, just 'Logicboard has to be replaced'


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I'm sorry you got a bit of a run-a-round as they should have explained a bit more on why the price is so different. Apple reworks returned logic boards. But, when someone has messed it up they often need to trash them, which is why the price jumped.

The outfit that tried to repair the logic board should have returned any payments.

As far as what to do moving forward. Replacing the logic-board is something many people can do and would be the cheapest way out here. It just takes patience and not forcing things. Here's the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Mid 2014 Logic Board Replacement. Review the IFIXIT parts listing to decide what logic board you'll want to go with.

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Thanks a lot for the quick reply!

I'd really like to try to replace it by myself, but I have some concerns:

1) Is there any guarantee for a Logicboard, if I buy it from iFixit?

2) How big is the chance that something else was also damaged except of Logicboard? As I wrote the reason was the high-voltage coming from external DVD-player (with wrong power-cable), that was plugged into MacBook.

I understand, that it's hard to judge, but anyway any thoughts are appreciated.



First, I don't work for IFIXIT, I volunteer my time & skills to help others. IFIXIT offers a good warranty so I won't worry about that ;-}

As to something else is damaged the only risk would be the I/O board. Once you get the main logic board swapped you can test it out and then if needed replace it. It all depends on which USB port she plugged in if it got damaged as well.


Thanks Dan!

Could you explain, how can I test the main logicboard?

And she plugged into the left USB port (if you sit in front of an open Macbook, it will be on the left)


Testing a logic board will require an understanding how to read a schematic diagram and using a multimeter and/or oscilloscope depending on what needs testing. Basically, you trace out the circuit paths.

As far as the left side ports they are the ports on the I/O board. For now lets focus on the main logic board as that is the first thing we need to get working. Then we can test out the ports using a USB mouse or some other USB device.


OK, I plan to buy used LogicBoard. And I'll let you know about the results


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