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Diagnosing powerless MacBook Pro

Took my 2012 MacBook Pro into shop for diagnostics after small water spill. Instructed that will only turn on when power is held down for several seconds and then MagSafe charger is plugged in. After 11 days shop called. Reported they were unable to power MacBook on - apparently front desk staff didn't tell them how I've been powering it on. Diagnosed "motherboard replacement and MagSafe replacement ($875) + labor and 240GB SSD ($200). My question is is it possible to come to this conclusion and recommendation when they never even turned computer on?

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send or take it to someone that does macbook logic board repair. most repair shops take the easier option and replace the board etc rather than fix the problem with the original board. try louis


you could try yourself, disconnect the keyboard, plug in the magsafe and use the power on pads. it will tell if the power button / keyboard is bad. i repaired 1 by doing this


Thanks. Keyboard works fine when laptop is booted up by holding down power button and then at same time connecting MagSafe power cord. Doesn't recognize battery at all (X thru battery icon) and cuts out if power cord disconnected. So would you recommend doing above anyways to rule out bad power button?


Daniel - shop I took it to wrote this on invoice " connected keyboard with power button to attempt to power on system' testing to check if the power button is defective (failed)."

Does that mean they already checked if it was power button and it wasn't?

And Louis said no to repairs......


sounds like that, if you had anyway to take the board out and take high res photos and post here someone could possibly see a problem


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To answer your question, if they didn't even boot it they don't know. Different shops have widely varying levels of competence. First how much liquid got into the machine and how did it enter? If it came in via the keyboard and a small amount like said, but it will boot after the battery and mag-safe adapter are disconnected then reconnect, then I suspect a logic board and DC in port won't help it at all.

Tell me if it runs OK after you boot it? How's the trackpad doing? Now for what I suspect, do all the keys work? Will an external keyboard and mouse work?

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Works fine when booted up by holding down power button and then at same time connecting MagSafe power cord. Doesn't recognize battery at all (X thru battery icon) and cuts out if power cord disconnected. Water spilled on keyboard - left side mainly. All keys work fine. Only get wifi now with wifi dongle bc it says no wifi hardware detected but that's not such a big deal.


With water damage, and given the fact that you have a 13 inch, Water probably got under the SMC. That chip is right by the edge of the mainboard. It may just need a good cleaning, other times the chip will need to be replaced. You could have a battery issue but with my luck it's usually the board.


... This is curious...

Did you turn off the power/let it dry out/all those things you’re supposed to do after an electronics spill? Did the spill only happen recently? Just how small an amount is small?

I mean, I’m still learning a lot myself, but it seems kind of odd that water damage focused on the left side (from the top) would end up requiring a SSD replacement, as that’s on the right (Although you did say Wi-Fi wasn’t working either, and that card’s in the same general area, so I guess the damage probably did get that far). But left side means the spill was focused on the logic board, which sucks. Still, def take it to a place that can repair logic boards if you can, or just buy another machine altogether (at that price, might as well).

... Is your entire keyboard still working, BTW? No non-working or just weird key issues? And were you having any problems with the MBP before the spill?


Hi - thanks for replies!!

computer works fine while plugged in - no issues with keyboard at all. X remains in battery icon and have to use wifi dongle to get wifi though.

Turned off and dried out after water spill about 8 weeks ago.

New interesting fact - was told to run verify disc permissions and repair permissions. Did so and although X remains in battery icon, computer powers up,now with only power button. Then told to do PRAM and SMC reset - did so and now only powers up old way - holding power button in for 10 seconds then connecting MagSafe at same time.... what's up with that?


And they were just trying to sell me the SSD - don't need it.


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