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WiFi/Camera PCB Connector Broken

Hey everyone.

I saw a couple of questions on this subject, but all of them pretty old.

While replacing my keyboard backlit I somehow damaged the cable (or conector) of the WiFI/Bluetooth/Camera. None of them worked after the repair (the backlit works fine...).

Now, while trying to fix them, I think I might have worked with the battery plugged in, and there was a tiny explosion on the PCB, right behind the connector slot. I even bought a new cable (which haven't arrived yet), but after the explosion it doesn't seem that the new cable is going to work (I'm actually surprised that the computer is still alive...).

Any tips, information, part number or anything that might help getting the WiFi back?

Photos attached of the current status of the PCB.

Block Image

Block Image


Updated with pictures:

Thanks a lot again.

Indeed it does not seem that the connector broke... I confirmed it is the 820-2879-B, I got the schematics, and indeed it does look like the L3405 (right on!).

I'm just afraid there are componentes nearby that are also damaged, and also a bit uncomfortable with the fact that I won't have access (nor be able to buy) a hot air rework station.

Even though there seems to be a fairly high chance of completely killing the board I'm might just go for it, we'll see!

I really appreciate your patience and attention!

Thanks a lot!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@caioac you need to identify your Macbook properly. To assist you we will need to know for sure which exact model this is. Better yet, give us the 820-xxxx number that is silk screened on your logicboard. The person that will know most about this is @reecee and hopefully he'll see your question. We can identify your destroyed component and your connector once we have your numbers.


@oldturkey03, thanks a lot.

My model is an old MC374LL/A which has been working fine since my SSD and 8GB RAM upgrade. I'll see if I can find someone to help me with the soldering at a reasonable price in my country... almost 8 years for my Mac, so my willing to invest is pretty limited at this point.

Anyway, thanks a lot.


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Looks like an 820-2879 (this number will be on side of the board under cables where camera and DVD drive plug in). Clean up the scorch marks first with isopropyl, so you can see exactly what is damaged; it is most likely just L3405 which has blown (120ohm 1.5a ferrite bead). Check inside the connector for melted plastic and also the cable for damaged pins/melted plastic; if you see either replace both otherwise it will likely blow again. This is the connector you will need if you need to replace it, be careful of bridging the pins since it is a bit of a nightmare to sort if you do http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/lvds-conne...

It will most likely just need the ferrite bead replaced, but check in the connector to make sure, cleaning the damage beforehand. If you have never micro soldered, it is a good idea to send it somewhere to do this for you; it is easy to melt the fan connector or other connectors in the area with hot air when replacing components around here.

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Perfect explanation. Thank you so much.

Indeed I have zero experience with micro soldering, I'll try to find the componentes and the right person to do it for me. I'm guessing is not worth the hassle of changing the cable just yet, right? With the PCB ferrite bead damaged would it be wise to say that the cable is irrelevant at the moment?

Again, thanks a lot.


No, don't do anything with the new cable; you risk burning it out if the inside of the connector is damaged


Again, thanks a lot for your attention.


I just checked for repair centers in my country and they are charging the same price of a new board. As I plan to buy a new computer soon, I might try to micro solder it by myself - It's not going to be a big deal if the PCB ends up dead anyway...

Would you have a suggestion on how to check if I need to change the connector as well (or anything else I might need)?

Would a 1mm soldering point work for that?

Again, really appreciate the inputs.



You will need to shine a light inside the connector to see if anything looks melted/burnt compared to the other side. Should be fine, I have never seen this connector burn out; I have only had to replace a few before due to the pins being physically damaged iirc.

If you need to just replace the ferrite bead, any size soldering tip will do (within reason) to tin the pads, and use hot air to solder/desolder it. If you need it for the connector, you will need smaller (I use 0.3mm tip) but also with high power output to the tip itself


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