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My Panasonic lumix DMC-Fz18 camera is frozen

In the middle of using my camera, it froze completely: the lens won't retract, there is nothing on the screen, turning it on or off makes no difference, etc. - it is basically dead. I checked the battery and it is fully charged; I changed the memory card, with no result. I don't understand what could have happened: it wasn't dropped or banged or anything; it just quit. The only thing out of the ordinary was that my 3-yr-old granddaughter was trying to take pictures with it (with me sitting right beside her). Her fingers are very small and she had trouble reaching the buttons, so I'm wondering if she could somehow have pressed some combination of buttons that caused the camera to freeze. I would be surprised if that were the case, because in my considerable experienced with this camera, it is not finicky. Any ideas?

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Deborah Hall I am with you on that one. Does not sound like anything your granddaughter did. Have you removed the battery for a while and pushed and hold the power button for 15-30 sec. to discharge the caps on the board. Let's see if this is a firmware issue.


I tried it - no dice. Still frozen.


Are you comfortable in tearing things down and checking things out? Lot's of tiny little parts and screws....;-)Let us know so we can try to guide you.


No, not me! If it isn't broken permanently already, I'd finish it off.


I have the exact as e problem with my Lumix DMC-FZ-18.. IM FINE WITH tearing it up . Isn't working right now anyway. Let's have it


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Deborah Hall, lets see if this will work at all. Remove your SD card for this. Again remove your battery for a bit an then reinsert.

6 Service Mode

6.1. Error Code Memory Function

1. General description

This unit is equipped with history of error code memory function, and can be memorized 16 error codes in sequence from the latest. When the error is occurred more than 16, the oldest error is overwritten in sequence.

The error code is not memorized when the power supply is shut down forcibly (when the unit is powered on by the battery, the battery is pulled out) because the error code is memorized to FLASH ROM when the unit is powered off.

2. How to display

The error code can be displayed by the following procedure:

Before perform the error code memory function, connect the AC adaptor or insert the battery.

(Since this unit has built-in memory, this error code memory function can be performed without inserting SD memory card.)

• 1. The temporary cancellation of initial setting:

Set the mode dial to “[ P ]”.

While keep pressing [ AF macro/Focus switch ] button and “[ Upper arrow Cursor ] button” simultaneously, turn the Power on.

• 2. The display of error code:

Press [ AF macro/Focus switch ] button, [ MENU ] button and “[ Left arrow Cursor ] button” simultaneously with the step 1 condition.

The display is changed as shown below when the above buttons is pressed simultaneously.

Normal display → Error code display → Operation history display → Normal display → .....

• 3. The change of display:

The error code can be memorized 16 error codes in sequence, however it is displayed 5 errors on the LCD.

Display can be changed by the following procedure:

“[ Upper/Down arrow Cursor ] button” : It can be scroll up or down one by one.

“[ Left/Right arrow Cursor ] button” : It can be scroll up or down every 5 error.

• 4. How to read the error date:

The error date code is displayed “year, month, day, time” in order.

(Example: “07080216” → 16 hours 2nd AUG. 2007)

Error date information is acquired from "Clock setting"

information when the error occurs. When the clock is not

setting, it is displayed as “00000000”.

• 5. How to read the error code:

One error code is displayed for 8 bit, the contents of error codes is indicated the table as shown below.

About “*” indication in the above table:

The third digit from the left is different as follows.

- In case of 0 (example: 18001000)

When the third digit from the left shows "0", this error occurred under the condition of INITIAL SETTINGS has been


It means that this error is occurred basically at user side.

- In case of 8 (example: 18801000)

When the third digit from the left shows "8", this error occurred under the condition of INITIAL SETTINGS has been


(Example; Factory assembling-line before unit shipment, Service mode etc.)

It means that this error is occurred at service side.

• 6. How to returned to Normal Display:

Turn the power off and on, to exit from Error code display mode.


The error code can not be initialized.

Let us know if this displays anything.

If that does not work, it's time to tear it apart:-) No worries, can't break what's already broken.

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Thanks for your persistence in trying to fix this, but this approach didn't work either.


I tried all the directions and still nothing. I bought brand new batteries and nothing. No LCD response, lense is still extended, no noise from camera at all.


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