Can I use Sata3 to M.2 adapter and stick in a Samsung 950 pro?

I know I'll have a bottleneck, but it will be top speed anyway, and response times may be better too.

I have a 250 GB SSD 850 Pro installed now, that's giving me 380W and 510R.

I should be able to get near 580 MB/s both W/R with the 950/960 SSD's.

What do you think? Will it work?

Macbook Pro 13' 2012 (9.2)

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You need to focus in on the M.2 SSD's specs. M.2 is a collection of different standards unlike SATA which was progressive each version getting faster but based on a common foundation. M.2 can be seen as two paths as you can see here in the diagram:

Block Image

Sadly the SATA port in your system is a one trick pony it can't support a PCIe/NVMe drive so your idea won't work. I don't even think the unibody series MacBook Pro's (13' or 15") chip set & OS can even support AHCI drives via the SATA port.

Even still you would be limited to the SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) which would be 750 MB/s by the spec but still less due to the overhead. Then the devices true ability to fill that pipe still couldn't achieve the full limit of the adjusted pipe So lets say 750 to 700 due to SATA dialog overhead, then adjusting the CRC Ack for each read/write at best 600 MB/s.

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Yeah i thought there was going to be something weird there. SO then, why those adaptors actually exists? I've seen them on amazon and ebay.


Windows PC's are different!


Hi Dan, this is the SATA/SATA Express system info from my Macbook Pro (Late 2011) and it says that AHCI Version 1.30 is supported.

Would that mean that I could benefit from using the 960PRO with adaptor?


Lets look at the Samsung specs: NVMe SSD 960 PRO/EVO it does not offer AHCI service so it still won't work!

Lets also look a bit more at the AHCI specs: Advanced Host Controller Interface and you might want to review this vid: NVMe As Fast As Possible which gets into the differences of the specs.

You would need an older AHCI SSD drive to even try. Again, I don't think it would even work.

I understand your desire here to make a silk purse out of a sows ear! ;-}

Just so you know, the other shoe here is APFS is not really very good on SATA SSD's. I'm about to undo my test systems pushing them back the GUID as the SATA SSD performance is sucky!


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