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A line of external hard drives by Western Digital, styled after hardbound books. Available in various editions from Essential, to Premium to World Edition.

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My Book won't power up

My MyBook 3T Drive, less than 1 yr old, only used for Time Machine backups, refuses to power up now. Have no idea why; I haven't even backedup that many times so it's got plenty of space.

I've tried different outlets, also subbed in the power cable from my older MyBook Studio, all to no avail! This is especially maddening since I have many externals, one from 2006 even, that I no longer use but still powers up! makes me think newer is less reliable - !! This really blows!

so if I tear it down, what am I looking for?

is there a way to access it w/o a power source?

fyi, it's barely 1 yr old - bought it in Aug 2016

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Wait, don't tear it down, it could still be under warranty...


yeah but that means replacement, right? there are backups on there, I don't want to give away all my data carte blanche -


anyway, by tear it down I mostly meant to access the drive via a computer rather than direct power


I had this problem, look carefully at the middle band above the USB sockets, there's a hidden reset button. With power cable connected, press and hold this thin button and hey presto all fixed.


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2 Answers

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Talked to WD on the phone to verify they would replace the drive but not remove the data or send the old drive back. I said I didn't care about the warranty, just the data, so he said just to remove the drive and buy a SATA cable to reconnect and obtain the data that way.

WD also said take the bare-bones drive in and show to a tek to buy the propert SATA. I went to MicroCenter and the clerk in the Build Your Own dept showed me a case with a power cable and a new power board that would just plug into my hard drive (once I removed my power board) and that should do me. $19.99. I just now finished - took all of 10 mins or less.

Was a snap. Just ran a diagnostic on the hard drive as yeah, I was concerned. Everything is fine. Apparently the power board (I don't know what the tek term is but it's the board where the power cord would connect) was bad in the old one. Very happy camper now !!

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Hey , I'm facing the same issue. Can you help me build the board which you built ?


I did the same thing, but now my mac can't read the drive. How did you get around this without reformatting your drive and losing files?


It looks like I have a similar issue. When I plug in the power cable I can hear the drive spin up but the front LED doesn't light up at all and there is no light at the back where the network cable is.

I'm hoping that based on sunnryze's solution that I can buy an external SATA enclosure and take the drive out of the My Book Live box and put it in the external enclosure, so I can access my data on the drive (if the data is intact).

Any one have any thoughts on this? Is it easy to take the drive out of the My Book Live case? Its well out of warranty so I guess I don't have anything to lose (except the cost of the external case), unless there is a way to fix the current device?

And I've tried the recessed reset button in the case, but it made no difference.


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My WDE 1 T book not powering up. Just bought a 12 volt power cord. Not working. It's 3 years old. Please Help. Thanks.

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