Please how repair this Camera as nothing is working = totally 'dead'?

By 'Others': This camera was dropped on concrete path, battery case flew open, batteries fell out, batteries returned - presume in wrong order, camera switched on to try but seemingly failed.

The camera was then returned to me, nothing was said at that time, but it is totally dead!

Have tried new batteries. Still dead.

Have tried using the correct Canon Main Supply Power Pack unit. Still dead.

Is there a fuse/ safety device in the camera to protect against reverse polarity?

Could it be the Internal Battery either faulty or displaced & if so would that mean that the camera is totally dead?

From the Guides, Yes, I think I could take it to pieces but what do I look for?

Any Help will be very much appreciated - Thank You.

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This might point you in the right direction: Canon PowerShot A620 Troubleshooting

And it sounds like you've seen this page already, but just in case you haven't: Canon PowerShot A620 Repair

Good luck!


Dear Rachel,

Thank you for your interest & help in providing a 'pointer.'

Yes, thanks, I have seen & studied it. I will now take the Camera to pieces- as per Guide- to see if I can spot anything wrong.

Regards, 'Cannoned'


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@cannoned yes your camera has two fuses, but those may not be the issue. Take a look at the battery compartment and make sure that the battery door properly closes and makes proper contact. After that you need to consider disassembling the camera to check for further damage. There is no specific point to look at this time. Since it got dropped, it could be anywhere. "Internal Battery either faulty or displaced" no it would not. That is only responsible for keeping your settings in memory. Disassemble your camera and post some pictures so we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. Here is an image of the location of the fuses on the DC/Op PCB

Block Image

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More questions!



Am Confused as there is an I-phone problem slotted into my problem.

I typed a detailed thanks & replyto old turkey03 but has it gone to the I-phone problem???? I cannot find my answer!


@cannoned that is funny. I cannot see anything deleted on here. No comment , no answer. Who knows what happened ;-)

You may have to ask a new question about your iPhone


Sorry Problem A I am in Durban & you may have seen the News that we were hit by a 'Cyclone on Tues. We had NIL damage but lost @ 11-00 a.m. all electricity, internet & phones until 2-00 p.m. today - Hence NIL Communiction back to you.

B) In my1st message that got 'lost' I expkained I am 83 & disabled on my rt side due to being hit by drunken driver Xmas 1954 - so am now beginning to 'creak'! This why I loved the Canon 620 as has an 'Articulated Screen'.

I have a neighbour & friend whom I hope will help me when he returns from holiday. So my progress will be very slow. Trust you understand? Again thanks for AKK your help &suggestions plus diagrams of the PC board.

Yes think I can take it all to pieces but would prefer help.

C) The INSERT of the I=Phone Has NOTHING to do with me -- hence my confusion!!!!

Regards & THANKS Cannoned.


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Think I have covered it all in my 'Comments'

Any way THANKS.

Will await friend before I start with scewdriver!

Regards, Cannoned.

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Can I giveyou 39 points already?



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Sorry but for me this Site is a real CHALLENGE!

I have posted my answer but now where is it?

Anyway & again: Thanks to you.

My IT friend worked on Camera alone - so sorry nil pics.

I passed all your data & pics to him.

He checked out 2 x fuses & then checked out the rest visually. Could find NIL problems.

Has returned it to me still partially dismantled & strongly suggested 'Scrap'.

He said the printed circuits might have a double layer that cannot be checked & if the fault is there = SCRAP.

So sadly, as beyond my own capabilities, have to accept Camera is too old & beyond repair. Bit like me!

Thanks for your Help.

How do I give you 30 points for ALL your TIME, TROUBLE ,INTEREST & HELP?

Cannot find it on this Site!

Regards 'Cannoned'.

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Now this site wants me to LOG IN WHY. Have still done so but again WHY?

Where & How do I give you 30 Points?



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